Hispanic and Latin American Studies (HLAS), Minor

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2017-2018. Learn more about University Academic Regulation 3.1.

Anthony Valentine, 213 LSE, 405-744-5658

Minimum Grade Point Average in Minor Coursework: 2.00
Total Hours: 23 hours

Minor Requirements
Select a minimum of one 2000-level SPAN course (or equivalent proficiency in Portuguese)
Select 18 hours from at least three disciplinary areas: 18
Peoples of Mesoamerica (IS)
The Aztec Empire (H)
History and Theory of Baroque Architecture (H)
History of Baroque Art (H)
Hispanic Literature in Translation (H)
Latin America (IS)
Renaissance, 1350-1517 (H)
Colonial Latin America (H)
Modern Latin America (HI)
Politics In Latin America (IS)
War And World Politics (I) 1
Survey of Peninsular Literature I
Survey of Peninsular Literature II
Latin American Survey I
Hispanic Poetry
Hispanic Prose
Don Quijote
Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature I
Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature II
Spanish Peninsular Civilization
Latin American Civilization
Seminar in Spanish
Advanced Hispanic Studies

All courses marked with a 1 are variable-topic courses and may count toward the minor when topic appropriate. Prior approval from faculty coordinator is required.