Health, Leisure and Human Performance: Leisure Studies, PhD

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 60

Required Coursework
RMRT 6013Ethical and Professional Issues in RMRT Higher Education3
RMRT 6453Recreation Management and Recreational Therapy Behavior3
Select 6 hours that may include the following:6
Analyses of Variance
Multiple Regression Analysis in Behavioral Studies
Applied Multivariate Research in Behavioral Studies
Nonparametric Methods
Sample Survey Designs
Theoretical Foundations of Inquiry
Hours Subtotal12
Independent Study Opportunities
The doctoral advisory committee and the individual student will work together to select the most appropriate additional coursework for the Plan of Study. Students may wish to work one-on-one with a faculty member, or engage in an independent project in a field-based setting. These types of experiences are generally addressed within the independent study coursework, which allow flexibility in credit hours and academic assignments. These courses are generally established as contracts with a specific faculty member.
Workshop in Recreation Management
Field Problems in Recreation Management
Independent Study in Recreation Management
Recreation Management Research Colloquium
Common Core
RMRT 67233
RMRT 6763Management in Health, Human Performance, and Recreation Management & Recreational Therapy Setting3
LEIS 6043Ethical Issues in Health, Leisure, and Human Performance3
Hours Subtotal9
Fifteen hours from:15
Doctoral Dissertation in Recreation Management and/or Recreational Therapy
Hours Subtotal15
Electives 1
Select 24 hours that may include the following:24
Academic English for Graduate Students
Research Writing for International Graduate Students
Psychological Aspects of Sport
Recreational Therapy
Recreational Therapy and Geriatrics
Recreational Therapy for Persons with Physical Disabilities
Recreational Therapy in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities
Gerontological Counseling
Issues in Adolescent Development
Adult Development
Emotion and Cognition
Developmental Disabilities
Perspectives in Gerontology
Ethics and Aging
Natural Resource Recreation Management
Outdoor Recreation
Special Topics in Recreation
Problems in Hydrogeology
Seminar in Natural Resource Policy, Law and Administration
Issues in Environmental Sustainability
Natural Resource Recreation
Geography of Sport, Recreation and Leisure Seminar
Resource Management in the National Parks
Tourism and Hospitality
Geography of Travel and Tourism
Convention and Special Event Management
Hospitality and Tourism Strategic Management
Hospitality and Tourism Education
Higher Education
Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Curriculum
Analysis of Teaching
Psychology of Learning
Creativity for Teachers
Human Motivation
Computer-Based Instruction Development
Culture, Society and Education
Research and Statistics
Techniques of Population Analysis
Qualitative Research Methods
Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry
Qualitative Research I
Qualitative Research: Selected Methods
Qualitative Research II
Time Series Analysis
Statistical Machine Learning with R
Probability Theory
Statistical Inference
Theory of Linear Models I
Theory of Linear Models II
Multivariate Analysis
Management, Business and Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship and Venture Management
Seminar in Administrative Communication
Individual and Organizational Behavior
Seminar in Organizational Behavior
Leadership Challenges
Advanced Organizational Behavior
Seminar in Consumer Behavior
Legal Issues in Business
Public Management
Urban Politics and Management
Seminar in Public Personnel Administration
Seminar in Race and Ethnicity
Contemporary Organizational Theory
Myths and Realities of Organizational Change
Counseling and Human Development
Human Development in Psychology
Theories of Counseling
Issues in Adolescent Development
Adult Development
Group Process
Basic Counseling Skills
Psychology of Motivation
Advanced Social Psychology
Lifespan Development
Aging in Human Development
Theory and Research: Social and Emotional Development
Hours Subtotal24
Total Hours60

Depending on one's interests, the following courses and programs may be suitable for doctoral study. The list of courses is for illustration only - with permission of the advisory committee, a doctoral student may take coursework such as those below.

Graduate College Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Requirements

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