Educational Leadership Studies: School Administration, MS

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 36

Common Core
EDLE 5813Leadership Theory and Ethical Decision Making3
EDLE 5953Developing Educational Organizations3
Hours Subtotal6
Emphasis Core
EDLE 5253The Principalship3
EDLE 5323School Finance3
EDLE 5473Supervision of Instruction3
EDLE 5723Education Law3
EDLE 5800Embedded Field Studies Internship3
EDLE 5893Field Studies Intern II3
Hours Subtotal18
Research and Inquiry
Select 6 hours from the following:6
Research Design and Methodology
Statistical Methods in Education
Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry
Hours Subtotal6
Option Electives
Select 6 hours from the following:6
(Alternate courses may be approved by the student's advisor)
Curriculum Issues
Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Curriculum
Educational Sociology
Culture, Society and Education
Problems and Issues in Social Foundations
Behavior Characteristics of Exceptional Individuals
Culturally Responsive Teaching in Special Education
Educational Measurements
Advanced Computing Applications in Education
Educ Workshop
Foundations and Characteristics of Adult Learning
Overview of Workforce and Adult Education
Instructional Strategies for Adults
Administration & Evaluation of Workforce and Adult Education
Hours Subtotal6
Required Creative Component: Portfolio
The Portfolio, designed and completed by Candidates to exhibit competency in the ELCC Standards, serves as the required Creative Component for the MS degree in School Administration; satisfactory completion of the Portfolio is required for degree completion and recommendation for certification.
Total Hours36

Graduate College Master's Program Requirements

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