Educational Psychology: Educational Psychology, PhD

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2019-2020. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 70 Hours

Domain I - Research and Inquiry 1
Statistical Methods in Education
Research Design and Methodology
Required Courses for Domain I
SCFD 6113Theoretical Foundations of Inquiry3
REMS 6003Analyses of Variance3
REMS 6013Multiple Regression Analysis in Behavioral Studies3
Other coursework recommended for expertise in the Research and Inquiry Domain:9
REMS 5063
Psychometric Theory
Factor Analysis in Behavioral Research
Qualitative Research I
Qualitative Research II
Program Evaluation
Applied Multivariate Research in Behavioral Studies
Item Response Theory
Multilevel Modeling Methods in Education
Structural Equation Modeling for Behavioral and Educational Research
Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research
Hours Subtotal18
Domain II: Foundations of Educational Psychology 2
Required for First Fall Semester
Human Development in Psychology
Psychology of Learning
Theories of Social Psychology
Required Courses
EPSY 5001Colloquium: Educational Psychology (Required for First Fall Semester)1
EPSY 5320Seminar in Educational and School Psychology8
EPSY 6213Advanced Educational Psychology3
EPSY 6533Human Motivation3
Select at least 9 hours from the following (6 hours must be 6000-level):9
Issues in Adolescent Development
Psychology of Adult Learning
Developmental Issues in Instruction
Creativity for Teachers
Developing Resources to Support Educational Programs
Instructional Effectiveness in Higher Education
Adult Development
Advanced Research in Educational Psychology
Emotion and Cognition
Theories and Problems in Educational Psychology
Instructional Systems Design
Diversity and Equity Issues in Education
Hours Subtotal24
Area of Expertise Domain III:
Select 12 hours12
Student-scholars select 12 hours related to an area of expertise based on student career goals, expertise, interest and background. Examples of areas of expertise may derive from the other domains, such as measurement or program evaluation in a specific context; instructional development for students with diverse needs; studies of gender, race, class, ability; multicultural issues in education; adult development or aging learners; social and emotional needs of children, and many others.
Hours Subtotal12
Dissertation (Doctoral Thesis)
EPSY 6000Doctoral Dissertation15
Hours Subtotal15
Total Hours69

General Graduate College Requirements

  • A minimum Grade-Point-Average of 3.00 is required
  • A minimum Grade of "C" is required in all degree applicable courses
  • No courses utilizing the Pass-No Pass grading system are permitted
  • GRAD 5082 or GRAD 5092 may not be used to meet degree requirements

Additional Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) Requirements

  • 90 credits beyond the Bachelor's degree, 60 credits beyond the Master's degree are required
  • At least seventy-five percent of coursework on the Plan of Study must include 5000 and 6000 level courses
  • A minimum of 15 hours at the 6000 level with a grade of SR for the doctoral dissertation must be complete.  The maximum number of dissertation hours (6000 with a grade of SR) permissible on a Plan of Study must not exceed three-fourths of the total credit hours in the approved graduate degree program
  • Credit for all courses on a graduate Plan of Study must have been awarded within 10 years of completion of all degree requirements
  • A minimum of 30 in-residence credit hours are required
  • Non-Course requirements:
    • Doctoral Candidacy
    • Dissertation Defense
    • Dissertation Submission/Approval