Physician Assistant Studies, MS

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 124

Core Curriculum
PA 5011Introduction to Pharmacology1
PA 5021Fundamentals of Medical Imaging1
PA 5031Introduction to Microbiology and Immunology1
PA 5041Laboratory Medicine1
PA 5015Human Anatomy5
PA 5104 Medical Science Foundations4
PA 5112Developing the Physician Assistant I2
PA 5121Rural and Underserved Populations1
PA 5123 Applied Clinical Medicine I3
PA 5223Gastrointestinal System3
PA 5153 Nervous System3
PA 5233Psychiatry System3
PA 5213 Applied Clinical Medicine II3
PA 5222 Developing the Physician Assistant II2
PA 5124Cardiovascular System4
PA 5113Respiratory System3
PA 5133 Hematology System3
PA 5143 Genitourinary System3
PA 5234 Applied Clinical Medicine III4
PA 5242Developing the Physician Assistant III2
PA 5243Endocrine System3
PA 5263Musculoskeletal/Integumentary System3
PA 5253Reproductive System3
PA 5301Research Methods for Evidence-Based Medicine1
PA 5302Developing the Physician Assistant IV2
PA 5404Family Medicine I4
PA 5414Family Medicine II4
PA 5424Internal Medicine I4
PA 5434Internal Medicine II4
PA 5444Emergency Medicine I4
PA 5454Emergency Medicine II4
PA 5464Obstetrics & Gynecology4
PA 5474Pediatrics4
PA 5484Psychiatry4
PA 5494General Surgery4
PA 5504Medicine Elective I4
PA 5514Medicine Elective II4
PA 5524Medicine Elective III4
or PA 5534 Surgery Elective
PA 5544Medicine Selective4
PA 5554Professional Enrichment4
Total Hours124

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