Forensic Sciences, DFS

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 60

Core Requirements
FRNS 5013Survey of Forensic Sciences3
FRNS 5653The Law and Expert Evidence3
FRNS 5743Forensic Science Seminar3
FRNS 6800Critical Readings in Forensic Sciences3
FRNS 6990Advanced Special Topics in Forensic Sciences3
Hours Subtotal15
Select 45 hours from the following per faculty advisor/pathway:45
Questioned Document Examination
Theory and Practice of Forensic Handwriting Examination
Technical Aspects of Forensic Document Examination
The Historical Aspects of Forensic Document Examination
Ethical Research and Scientific Writing
Quality Assurance in Forensic Science
Ethics in Forensic Leadership
Internship in Forensic Sciences
Scientific Writing and Presentation Skills
The Chemistry of Pyrotechnics
Essential Science for Explosive Operators
Fire Dynamics in Forensic Investigations
Ordnance Identification and Recognition
Methods in Fire and Explosion Investigation NFPA 921/1033
Explosives Research, Testing and Evaluation Methods
Computer Fire Modeling
Molecular Biology for the Forensic Scientist
Population Genetics for the Forensic Scientist
Methods in Forensic Sciences
Forensic Microbiology
Forensic Pathology and Medicine
Forensic Osteology and Anthropology
Blast Injuries and Effects
Forensic Bioscience
Forensic Toxicology
Drug Toxicity
Advanced Forensic Toxicology
Criminalistics and Evidence Analysis
Crime Scene Laboratory and Moot Court Experience
Destructive Devices/Explosives: Law and Regulations
Intelligence for Forensic Investigators
Forensic Psychology
Forensic Victimology
Criminal Behavioral Analysis
Circuit Exploitation of Destructive Devices
Building Construction and Fire/Explosion Forensic Examination
Forensic Examination of Fire Protection Systems
Identification of Destructive Device Fuzing Systems
Electrical Theory and Failure Analysis in Forensic Fire Investigations
Firearms and Toolmarks
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation
Forensic Management and Organizational Development
Forensic Problem Solving through Applied Research
Forensic Statistics
Directed Readings in Forensic Sciences
Non-Thesis Creative Component in Forensic Sciences
Special Topics in Forensic Sciences
Advanced Forensic Statistics
Advanced Interdisciplinary Post Blast Investigation
Advanced Computer Fire Modeling
Advanced Blast Injuries and Effects
Applied Forensic Theory
Research Design and Methods
Juvenile Issues in Forensic Sciences
Advanced Destructive Device Circuit Exploitation
Advanced Electrical Theory and Failure Analysis in Forensic Fire Investigations
Hours Subtotal45
Total Hours60

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