Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Daniel J. Burba, DVM, DACVS, McCasland Professor of Biomedical Laser Surgery and Department Head

The Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences is one of four academic departments at the CVM. The Veterinary Clinical Sciences faculty are an integral part of the Boren Veterinary Medical Hospital. The faculty train veterinary students through hands-on experience and provide the highest quality of care to clients and patients. In addition to training veterinary students, there are several residents and interns in various sections of the hospital who are guided by the VCS faculty.

Visit the Veterinary Medical Hospital webpage to learn more about the faculty and staff and the services they provide.

Internship and Residency Programs

The department offers graduate professional programs (internships and residencies). Internships are one-year post-DVM clinical programs in exotic, small animal critical care, shelter surgery, small or large animal medicine and surgery.

Internships are designed in part to prepare DVM graduates for residencies or graduate academic programs. Currently, internships are offered in small animal medicine and surgery rotating, equine internal medicine and surgery rotating, small animal emergency and critical care, equine surgery & sports medicine, farm animal medicine & surgery, small animal surgery specialty, shelter surgery and medicine, and zoological medicine.

Residencies are three-year clinical programs in various disciplines designed in part to prepare for specialty board certification. Currently, residencies are offered in small animal surgery, equine internal medicine, food animal medicine and surgery, ophthalmology and theriogenology. Graduate academic programs may be available in association with residencies.

Application Procedure

Most open positions are listed in the Veterinary Internship/Residency Matching Program at and applications are submitted through the VIRMP. Some programs may be offered outside the match.