Statistics, PhD

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 90 (Beyond the Bachelor's Degree)

Required Courses
STAT 5123Probability Theory3
STAT 5223Statistical Inference3
STAT 5013Statistics for Experimenters I3
STAT 5023Statistics for Experimenters II3
STAT 5093Statistical Computing3
STAT 6113Probability Theory3
STAT 6203Large Sample Inference3
STAT 5303Experimental Designs3
STAT 5323Theory of Linear Models I3
STAT 5333Theory of Linear Models II3
STAT 5513Multivariate Analysis3
STAT 6223Advanced Statistical Inference3
STAT 6910Special Problems3
MATH 5043Advanced Calculus I3
MATH 5053Advanced Calculus II3
MATH 5143Real Analysis I3
Two hours from:2
Statistics Literature
Hours Subtotal50
Dissertation Research15
Electives chosen in consultation with advisor25
Total Hours90

Graduate College Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Requirements

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