International Studies (INTL), Minor

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2022-2023. Learn more about University Academic Regulation 3.1.

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Total Hours: 18
Select 18 hours with no more than 6 hours from any one prefix.

Minor Requirements
International Decision-Making
Select 6 hours of the following:6
International Agricultural Markets and Trade (I)
International Programs in Agricultural Education and Extension (I)
Global Leadership in Agriculture (I)
Agricultural Animals of the World (I)
Study Abroad: Business Impacts of Contemporary International Culture (I)
Critical Issues in Global Business
International Economic Relations (IS)
International Economic Development (IS)
Entrepreneurship Empowerment in South Africa
International Financial Management
International Travel and Tourism (I)
International Hospitality Studies
Legal Aspects of International Business Transactions (I)
International Management (I)
International Human Resource Management
Multiple Perspectives in Global Management
International Sports Management (I)
International Business (I)
International Marketing
Natural Resources, People and Sustainable Development (I)
American Foreign Policy
Gender and Work (DS)
Environmental Inequality (S)
Gender and the Middle East (IS)
Intercultural Communication (I)
Contemporary Sports Media
International Environment
Select 9 hours of the following:9
Cultural Anthropology (IS)
Peoples of Mesoamerica (IS)
Comparative Cultures (IS)
History of 20th Century Art (HI)
International Aerospace Issues (I)
Study Abroad: Business Impacts of Contemporary International Culture (I)
Classroom Management in the Multicultural PK-12/ Secondary School
Planning and Management in the Multicultural Foreign Language K-12 Classroom
International Career and Technical Education (I)
Introduction to Central Asia Studies (IS)
Political Geography (IS)
Europe (IS)
Russia and Its Neighbors (IS)
Latin America (IS)
Asia (IS)
Africa (IS)
The Middle East (IS)
Australia and the Pacific Realm (IS)
Geography of Travel and Tourism
Contemporary German Literature
Children's Play: A World Perspective (I)
Introduction to Central Asia Studies (IS)
Germany Since 1815 (HI)
Russia Since 1861 (HI)
Modern Europe Since 1914 (HI)
Modern France, 1789-Present (HI)
History of the Second World War (HI)
World War I in Modern European Culture (HI)
East Asia Since 1800 (HI)
Modern Japan (HI)
Modern China (HI)
Gender Relations in Chinese History (H)
Modern Latin America (HI)
Scandinavia Since 1500 (HI)
Modern Middle East (HI)
Israel & Palestine in Modern Times (HI)
Ideas and Ideologies in Modern Europe (H)
Vietnam War (HI)
Topics in History
Holocaust Studies Seminar (HI)
Contemporary Cultures of the Western World: Honors (HI)
Contemporary Cultures of the Non-Western World: Honors (IS)
Honors Creative Component
International Experience in Horticulture (I)
Land Use and City Planning
Recreation Planning
LA 4583
Landscape Environmental Planning
International Mass Communication
Traditional World Music (H)
Food and the Human Environment (IS)
Asian Philosophy (HI)
East Asian Philosophy
The Soviet Union: History, Society and Culture(IS)
International Law
Introduction to Central Asia Studies (IS)
Russian & Eurasian Politics (I)
European Politics (I)
Latin American Politics (IS)
Asian Politics
Middle Eastern Politics
Advanced Topics in International Relations
Global Political Economy
War And World Politics (I)
International Organization
The World of Islam: Cultural Perspectives (HI)
Understanding Global Islam (HI)
The Soviet Union: History, Society and Culture (IS)
Introduction to Central Asian Studies (IS)
Understanding Russia (H)
Survey of Russian Literature I
Survey of Russian Literature II
Russian Literature in Translation I (H)
Russian Literature in Translation II
International Issues and the Role of the School (I)
Comparative Perspectives of Criminal Justice Systems (IS)
World Population Problems
Gender and the Middle East (IS)
Current Topics in Sociology
Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies
Survey of Peninsular Literature I
Survey of Peninsular Literature II
Latin American Survey I
Spain and Islam
Contemporary Hispanic Literature
Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature I
Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature II
Latin American Civilization
International Experience
Select 3 hours3
Total Hours18

Other Requirements

  • Plus 6 hours of one foreign language or equivalent proficiency.
  • GPA of 2.0 in U/D courses.

Additional OSU Requirements

Undergraduate Minors

  • An undergraduate minor must include between fifteen and thirty hours, inclusive of undergraduate coursework.
  • A minimum of six credit hours for the minor must be earned in residence at OSU.
  • The courses required for a minor may be included in the course requirements for any undergraduate degree or they may be in addition to degree requirements, depending on the overlap between the minor and degree requirements. However, an undergraduate minor must be earned in an academic field other than the student's declared degree option. The minor may not duplicate the degree major or option (for example, a student who earns a BA in Art with an Art History option may earn a minor in Studio Art but not Art History).
  • A student generally follows the minor requirements associated with his or her matriculation year or newer requirements that have been established since matriculation. The time limit for following requirements from a given academic year is six years.

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