Business Administration: Hospitality and Tourism Management, PhD

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 60 (Beyond the Master's Degree)

Required Core Courses
HTM 6111 Hospitality and Tourism Doctoral Studies and Research1
HTM 6113Hospitality and Tourism Education3
HTM 6713Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism Theory3
HTM 6993Advanced Hospitality and Tourism Research3
Hours Subtotal10
Electives (Specialization)
Select 17 hours of approved 5000-level or above courses that fit your specialization/focus.17
Hours Subtotal17
Research Support Courses
Select 18-30 hours.18
Must Include:
One Intermediate Statistics
Social Research Design
Techniques of Population Analysis
Statistics for Experimenters II
Sample Survey Designs
Statistical Inference
Experimental Designs
Theory of Linear Models I
Theory of Linear Models II
Multivariate Analysis
Educational Measurements
Analyses of Variance
And One Advanced Statistics
Structural Equation Modeling for HDFS Applications
Multilevel Modeling for HDFS Applications
Advanced Methods in Management Research III
Advanced Methods in MSIS Research
Measurement and Experimental Design
Multiple Regression Analysis in Behavioral Studies
Factor Analysis in Behavioral Research
Categorical Data Analysis
Experimental Designs
Theory of Linear Models II
Multivariate Analysis
Probability Theory
Large Sample Inference
Advanced Statistical Inference
Hours Subtotal18
15 hours of dissertation15
Strongly encouraged:
Approved internship in research and/or instruction (maximum of 3 hours for each intern program).
Foreign or computer language skills.
Hours Subtotal15
Total Hours60

Graduate College Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Requirements

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