Entomology and Plant Pathology: Plant Pathology, MS

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2022-2023. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 30

Core Requirements
ENTO 5870Scientific Presentations (Both fall and spring semesters - 1 credit hour each)2
or PLP 5870 Scientific Presentations
ENTO 5623Advanced Biotechnology Methods3
or PLP 5623 Advanced Biotechnology Methods
Select four hours from the following:4
ENTO 5524
Integrated Management of Insect Pests and Pathogens
PLP 5524
Integrated Management of Insect Pests and Pathogens
ENTO 5000Master's Research and Thesis6
or PLP 5000 Research
Exactly 6 graduate credit hours total must be listed on the Plan of Study (more than 6 credit hours completed will appear on final transcripts, not on the Plan of Study).
Hours Subtotal15
Discipline Requirements
Plant Pathology - 15 credit hours15
Principles of Plant Pathology (Required if student has NOT completed an Introductory PLP course.)
Core - select at least 2 courses from the following:
Plant Nematology
Plant Virology
Plus additional courses to complete the graduate program Plan of Study (6-10 hours)
Hours Subtotal15
Total Hours30

Graduate College Master's Program Requirements

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