Entomology and Plant Pathology: Plant Pathology, MS

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2020-2021. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 30 Hours

Core Requirements
ENTO 5870Scientific Presentations (Both fall and spring semesters - 1 credit hour each)2
or PLP 5870 Scientific Presentations
ENTO 5623Advanced Biotechnology Methods3
or PLP 5623 Advanced Biotechnology Methods
ENTO 5524Integrated Management of Insect Pests and Pathogens4
or PLP 5524 Integrated Management of Insect Pests and Pathogens
ENTO 5000Master's Research and Thesis6
or PLP 5000 Research
Exactly 6 graduate credit hours total must be listed on the Plan of Study (more than 6 credit hours completed will appear on final transcripts, not on the Plan of Study).
Hours Subtotal15
Discipline Requirements
Plant Pathology - 15 credit hours15
Principles of Plant Pathology (Required if student has NOT completed an Introductory PLP course.)
Core - select at least 2 courses from the following:
Plant Nematology
Plant Virology
Plus additional courses to complete the graduate program Plan of Study (6-10 hours)
Hours Subtotal15
Total Hours30

Graduate College Master's Program Requirements

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