The purpose of organizations is to channel the efforts of individuals to accomplish goals working together in a meaningful way to realize success in business or in solving pressing social problems requiring skilled managers.

The field of management is concerned with applying social, psychological and economic theories of human behavior to the real-world problems of designing organizations leading and motivating employees, planning effective courses of action and efficiently allocating resources. Since the field of management deals with real-world problems, students should have an interest in acquiring a deep understanding of human behavior and applying this knowledge in a variety of different contexts to create value for themselves and others.

The Department of Management offers an undergraduate major in management with options in human resource management (HRM), sports management, business sustainability and nonprofit management. The department also offers graduate studies leading to an MBA degree or a PhD degree. The disciplines spanned by these degrees offer dynamic, exciting career possibilities to students at all levels.


Undergraduate students should look forward to both intellectual growth and the development of management skills that are in high demand in today's competitive business world.

The Management major, as well as the four optional specializations, are concerned with the analytical process and the application of decision tools and relevant theory to creative problem solving. While the topics vary from one option to another, the common thread running through the Management major is the rational process of managing organizations, solving problems and accomplishing goals.

The major in management offers dynamic, exciting possibilities for study and employment by preparing students for leadership positions in all types of organizations. Some examples of topics include leadership, strategic management, planning courses of action, organizational behavior, resource allocation and administration. Students with degrees in management are employed by organizations of all types and sizes as managers or staff specialists. The major has flexibility so that the student may include coursework from any of the other business disciplines. The management major is a good choice for those interested in for profit leadership roles in business, non-profit and public sector organizations.

Option in Human Resource Management

Students in the human resource management option study topics pertaining to the management and well-being of an organization's workforce, including compensation administration, forecasting demand for personnel, labor relations and collective bargaining, recruitment and selection, and training and development. This option is designed to prepare students for careers in human resource management or for careers that facilitate the attainment of a competitive advantage through human capital. A career as an HRM professional offers many opportunities, such as developing and implementing innovative HR policies and assisting employees with career challenges and opportunities. For those who enjoy working with both the people and the management systems side of organizations, a career as an HRM professional offers many opportunities for career satisfaction and personal development.

Option in Sports Management

The sports industry is a growing segment of our economy. Whether it is at the amateur, college, minor league or professional level, sports organizations are in need of graduates with business savvy. Sports enterprises are becoming increasingly concerned with their “bottom line,” and they need employees who have business skills as well as expertise in the sports industry. The sports industry includes amateur, college, minor league and professional level sports organizations and is an industry that is growing in importance in our economy and society. Our sports management program is one of the few in the country that is housed within a business management department, so we offer our students the opportunity to gain important business management skills while learning about the unique nature of sports organizations.

Option in Business Sustainability

A sustainable enterprise is built around the triple bottom line imperative of protecting and enhancing the current and long-term future of the organization, the quality of life of the people impacted by the organization, and the health of the natural environment. There is a growing need for individuals with training in sustainable enterprise, and the job opportunities for well-trained undergraduates are increasing. The Business Sustainability option prepares students for this growing and exciting field with extra class work in business ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

Option in Nonprofit Management

The nonprofit sector plays an important part in our society and in our economy; providing services and experiences for citizens that are unmet by government or the private sector, or can be delivered in a different way. Many students volunteer in the nonprofit sector and will continue to do so after graduation. As the sector matures, expectations of professionalism and business knowledge have increased. Students in the nonprofit management program will gain skills and knowledge about the nonprofit sector and organizations that will prepare them to enter the sector as professionals or board members at a critical time—as the Baby Boomer generation that has been leading in this sector retires. Topics include differences between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors in regards to generating revenue, managing a blended workforce of paid staff and volunteers, public image, accountability and measures of success.