Landscape Architecture, BLA

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2020-2021. Learn more about University Academic Regulation 3.1.

Minimum Overall Grade Point Average: 2.00
Total Hours: 150

General Education Requirements
English Composition
See Academic Regulation 3.5
ENGL 1113Composition I3
or ENGL 1313 Critical Analysis and Writing I
Select one of the following:3
Composition II
Critical Analysis and Writing II
Technical Writing
American History & Government
Select one of the following:3
Survey of American History
American History to 1865 (H)
American History Since 1865 (DH)
POLS 1113American Government3
Analytical & Quantitative Thought (A)
MATH 1583Applied Geometry and Trigonometry (A) 13
or MATH 1613 Trigonometry (A)
Humanities (H)
LA 3673History and Theory of Landscape Architecture (H) 13
Course designated (H)3
Natural Sciences (N)
Must include one Laboratory Science (L) course
BIOL 1114Introductory Biology (LN) 14
CHEM 1314Chemistry I (LN) 14
or CHEM 1215 Chemical Principles I (LN)
SOIL 2124Fundamentals of Soil Science (N) 14
Social & Behavioral Sciences (S)
Select one of the following:3
Oral Communications in Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources (S) 1
Introduction to Speech Communication (S) 1
Elements of Persuasion (S) 1
Additional General Education
Courses designated (A), (H), (N), or (S)6
Hours Subtotal42
Diversity (D) & International Dimension (I)
May be completed in any part of the degree plan
Select at least one Diversity (D) course
Select at least one International Dimension (I) course
College/Departmental Requirements
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
AG 1011First Year Seminar1
LA 1013Introduction to Landscape Architecture and Landscape Management3
Written and Oral Communications
BCOM 3113Written Communication 23
or ENGL 3323 Technical Writing
AGEC 1113Introduction to Agricultural Economics (S) 33
or ECON 2103 Introduction to Microeconomics (S)
Hours Subtotal10
Major Requirements
Core Courses
Visual Communication:
LA 2213Visual Communication I for Landscape Architecture3
LA 2223Visual Communication II for Landscape Architecture3
LA 2323Computer-Aided Design3
ART 1103Drawing I3
AST 2313Surveying3
LA 3884Architectural Construction 1: Site Grading4
LA 3894Landscape Architectural Construction II: Sustainable Applications4
LA 4894Landscape Architectural Construction 3: Materials and Methods4
LA 4453Principles of Landscape Analysis for Site Design3
Select 9 hours of the following:9
Planning and Design for Sustainable Landscapes
Land Use and City Planning
Landscape Environmental Planning
Ecology of Natural Resources
Urban Geography (S)
LA 3315Studio I: Principles and Theory of Design5
LA 3325Studio 2: Site Design5
LA 4034Landscape Planting Design4
LA 4415Studio III: Recreation and Open Space Design5
LA 4425Studio 4: Landscape Ecology and Design5
LA 4515Studio 5: Urban Design5
LA 4525Studio 6: Community Development and Neighborhood Design5
Plant Material:
HORT 2613Woody Plant Materials3
Professional Practice:
LA 3112Landscape Architecture National Survey2
LA 3682Professional Practice & Office Procedure2
LA 4112Landscape Architecture Career Survey2
LA 3010Internship in Landscape Architecture2
Emphasis Areas
Select 11 hours from one of the emphasis areas11
Hours Subtotal95
Select 3 hours or hours to complete required total for degree.3
Hours Subtotal3
Total Hours150

Emphasis Areas

These courses may apply to any area: LA 2513 Native American Symbolism in Landscape Design (D), LA 3010 Internship in Landscape Architecture, LA 4053 International Experience in Landscape Architecture - Asia (I), LA 4063 International Experience in Landscape Architecture - Peru (I) LA 4423 Planning and Design for Sustainable Landscapes, LA 4990 Landscape Architecture Special Problems, LA 5110 Advanced Special Problems, Courses listed or other courses approved by Program Director.


ARCH 1112Introduction to Architecture2
ARCH 1216Architectural Design Studio I6
ARCH 2003Architecture and Society (HI)3
ARCH 2116Architectural Design Studio II6
ARCH 2216Architectural Design Studio III6
ARCH 2263Building Systems3
ART 1113Drawing II3
ART 1203Visual Thinking: Image and Surface3
ART 1303Visual Thinking: Form and Space3
ART 1603Introduction to Global Art (H)3
ART 2003Studio Methods and Preparation3
ART 2113Life Drawing3
ART 3110Life Drawing Studio3
DHM 1123Graphics for Interior Design I3
DHM 3233Heritage of Interior Design I (H)3
DHM 4143Design for Special Needs3
DHM 4573Sustainable Design for Apparel and Interiors3

Environmental Planning

AGEC 3503Natural Resource Economics3
PBIO 1404Plant Biology (LN)4
PBIO 3253Environment and Society (N)3
ENVR 1113Elements of Environmental Science3
ENVR 4813Environmental Science Applications and Problem Solving3
GEOG 1113Introduction to Cultural Geography (IS)3
GEOG 1114Physical Geography (LN)4
GEOG 1713World Regional Geography (IS)3
GEOG 2344Digital Tools for Environmental Exploration (LN)4
GEOG 3123Urban Geography (S)3
GEOG 3153Conservation of Natural Resources (S)3
GEOG 3173Cultural Geography (S)3
GEOG 3703Geography Of Oklahoma (S)3
GEOG 4113Environment and Development3
GEOG 4123Geographical Aspects of Urban Planning3
GEOG 4143Geography of Travel and Tourism3
GEOG 4153Geography of Outdoor Recreation3
GEOG 4333Remote Sensing3
GEOG 4343Geographic Information Systems: Resource Management Applications3
GEOL 1114Physical Geology (LN)4
GEOL 3073Geomorphology3
HIST 3463Modern Latin America (HI)3
HIST 4063Historic Preservation3
HIST 4503American Urban History (H)3
HIST 4523American Environmental History (H)3
POLS 4363Environmental Law And Policy3
POLS 4593Natural Resources and Environmental Policy3
SOC 3423Urban Sociology3
SOC 4433Environmental Sociology (S)3
NREM 2013Ecology of Natural Resources3
NREM 4093Natural Resources, People and Sustainable Development (I)3
NREM 4403Wetland Ecology and Management3


HORT 1013Principles of Horticultural Science (LN)3
HORT 2513Herbaceous Plant Materials3
HORT 3013Arboriculture3
HORT 3153Turf Management3
HORT 3513Landscape Irrigation3
HORT 3613Bidding and Estimating3
HORT 4453Turfgrass Physiology and Ecology3
HORT 4543Sustainable Nursery Production3
HORT 4713Public Garden Management3
HORT 4990Horticultural Problems1-6
PBIO 1404Plant Biology (LN)4

Other Studies

Requires study plan approved by advisor, program director, and department head.

Other Requirements

  • A minimum of 40 semester credit hours and 100 grade points must be earned in courses numbered 3000 or above.
  • A 2.00 GPA or higher in upper-division hours.

Additional State/OSU Requirements

  • At least: 60 hours at a four-year institution; 30 hours completed at OSU; 15 of the final 30 or 50% of the upper-division hours in the major field completed at OSU.
  • Limit of: one-half of major course requirements as transfer work; one-fourth of hours earned by correspondence; 8 transfer correspondence hours.
  • Students will be held responsible for degree requirements in effect at the time of matriculation and any changes that are made, so long as these changes do not result in semester credit hours being added or do not delay graduation.
  • Degrees that follow this plan must be completed by the end of Summer 2026.