Veterinary Medicine, DVM

Total Hours: 165

Year One

Degree Requirements
Fall Semester
VME 7111Critical Thinking, Clinical Skills, & Communication I1
VME 7121Professional Skills I1
VME 7136Physiology & Histology I6
VME 7144Gross & Developmental Anatomy4
VME 7153Immunology3
VME 7161Epidemiology & Evidence-Based Medicine1
VME 7171Nutrition1
Hours Subtotal17
Spring Semester
VME 7211Critical Thinking, Clinical Skills, & Communication II1
VME 7221Professional Skills II1
VME 7236Physiology & Histology II6
VME 7243Comparative Anatomy3
VME 72533
VME 7264General Pathology4
Hours Subtotal18
Total Hours35

Year Two

Degree Requirements
Fall Semester
VME 7312 Critical Thinking, Clinical Skills, & Communcation III2
VME 7325 Parasitology5
VME 7333 Pharmacology I3
VME 7343 Diagnostic Imaging3
VME 7353 Virology3
VME 7363 Toxicology3
Select 2 hours of electives.2
Hours Subtotal21
Spring Semester
VME 7412 Critical Thinking, Clinical Skills, & Communication IV2
VME 7421 Professional Skills III1
VME 7433 Food Safety & Public Health3
VME 7444 Bacteriology & Mycology4
VME 7452 Pharmacology II2
VME 7463 Anesthesiology & Analgesia3
VME 7472 Hemolymphatics & Oncology2
VME 7481 Exotics1
Select 2 hours of electives.2
Hours Subtotal20
Total Hours41

Year Three

Degree Requirements
Fall Semester
VME 7512 Critical Thinking, Clinical Skills, & Communication V2
VME 7522 Junior Surgery2
VME 7533 Musculoskeletal3
VME 7543 Theriogenology3
VME 7552 Endocrinology2
VME 7564 Cardiopulmonary4
VME 7572 Primary Care I2
Select 2 hours of electives.2
Hours Subtotal20
Spring Semester
VME 7612 Critical Thinking, Clinical Skills, & Communication VI2
VME 7621 Professional Skills IV1
VME 7631 Junior Surgery1
VME 7644 Alimentary4
VME 7652 Ophthalmology2
VME 7662 Urinary2
VME 7672 Neurology2
VME 7682 Primary Care II2
VME 7692 Dermatology2
Select 1 hour of elective.1
Hours Subtotal19
Total Hours39

Year Four


Rotations - 16 Rotations 3
VCS 7002Anesthesiology I2
VCS 7042Small Animal Wellness & Disease Prevention2
VCS 7072Diagnostics I2
VCS 7082Equine Medicine I2
VCS 7142Externship I2
VCS 7152Externship II2
VCS 7162Externship III2
VCS 7172Externship IV2
VCS 7222Food Animal Medicine and Surgery I2
VCS 7342Ophthalmology II2
VCS 7372Radiology I2
VCS 7442Surgical Fundamentals in Shelter Patients I2
VCS 7612Small Animal Medicine2
VCS 7622Small Animal General Surgery2
VCS 7632Emergency & Critical Care2
VCS 7912Grand Rounds2
16 Rotations
Total Hours32


Select 9 rotations from the following:
Clinical Sciences Elective III
Small Animal Wellness & Disease Prevention Elective
Equine Medicine II
Equine Performance Medicine III
Equine Surgery and Sports Medicine II
Externship V
Externship VI
Field Services and Production Medicine II
Food Animal Medicine and Surgery II
Hospital Based Theriogenology II
Large Animal Bovine Theriogenology III
Large Animal Equine Theriogenology III
Large Animal Theriogenology II-A
Large Animal Theriogenology II-B
Professional Development Experience III
Ultrasound Elective
Zoological Medicine II
Applied Canine Exercise Physiology Elective III
Small Animal Medicine Clerkship I
Applied Diagnostic Medicine and Laboratory Investigations III
Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care II
Public Health Practice for Veterinarians III-A
Public Health Practice for Veterinarians III -B
Externship VII
Behavior Medicine Elective
Dermatology Elective
Small Animal Medicine Elective
Small Animal General Surgery Elective
Hours Subtotal18
Total Hours18

Program meets all the educational requirements for eligibility for DVM licensure in all 50 states. 

For additional requirements, please refer to the College of Veterinary Medicine page in the Catalog.