Counseling: Mental Health Counseling, MS

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2019-2020. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 60 Hours

Counseling Core
CPSY 5453Vocational and Career Information3
CPSY 5473Basic Counseling Skills 13
CPSY 5493Professional and Ethical Issues in Counseling3
CPSY 5503Multicultural Counseling3
CPSY 5553Theories of Counseling 13
CPSY 5563Conceptualization and Diagnosis in Counseling3
CPSY 5583Group Process3
CPSY 6323Psychological Consultation3
CPSY 6553Advanced Practice in Marital and Family Treatment3
EPSY 5103Human Development in Psychology3
Hours Subtotal30
REMS 5013Research Design and Methodology3
REMS 5953Statistical Methods in Education3
Hours Subtotal6
Counseling Practice
CPSY 5593Counseling Practicum 23
CPSY 5683Internship In Counseling I3
CPSY 5693Internship In Counseling II3
Hours Subtotal9
Community Counseling Specialization
CPSY 5483Mental Health Counseling3
CPSY 5523Assessment in Counseling 33
CPSY 5673Substance Abuse Counseling3
Select 6 credit hours, to be chosen from a list of courses approved by the state board for licensure).6
Hours Subtotal15
Total Hours60

Counseling: Mental Health Counseling Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 60 graduate credit hours of coursework for the Community Counseling Option and 57 hours of coursework for the School Counseling Option.
  • Nine (9) credit hours may be transferred from other recognized graduate programs. Tulsa students may transfer up to fifteen (15) credit hours from the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa campus.
  • The last eight (8) hours must be taken at Oklahoma State University and taken for resident credit.
  • As least 24 credit hours must be in 5000 level courses or above. (Students who choose to write a master’s thesis for 6 credit hours must take at least 22 credit hours of 5000 level courses.) 4000 level courses taken for graduate credit will not be approved by the Oklahoma licensing board for professional counselors.
  • A minimum overall grade point average of 3.00 is required in all academic coursework.
  • A grade of B or better must be earned in CPSY 5473, 5553, 5593, and 5683/5693. Students who earn a grade below a B in any of these courses will be required to repeat the course or may be suspended from the program. Students will only be allowed to repeat a course one time to earn a higher grade.

General Graduate College Requirements

  • A minimum Grade-Point-Average of 3.00 is required
  • A minimum Grade of "C" is required in all degree applicable courses
  • No courses utilizing the Pass-No Pass grading system are permitted
  • GRAD 5082 or GRAD 5092 may not be used to meet degree requirements

Additional Graduate College Masters Degree Requirements

Plan I (coursework with thesis)

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours
    • A minimum of 24 coursework credit hours comprised of:
      • 6 research or creative component credit hours
      • 21 in-residence credit hours (maximum of 9 transfer hours with "B" or better)
      • 21 credit hours at 5000- or 6000-level

Plan II (coursework without thesis)

  • A minimum of 32 credit hours
    • A maximum of 3 credit hours of research or creative component
    • A minimum of 23 in-residence credit hours (maximum of 9 transfer credit hours with "B" or better)
    • A minimum of 21 credit hours at the 5000- or 6000-level