Pre-Nursing, UCRT

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about University Academic Regulation 3.1.

Total Hours: 62

Minimum GPA 2.50 with no grade below "C." Minimum 15 hours in residence at OSU.

EDHS 1112First Year Seminar2
ENGL 1113Composition I3
or ENGL 1313 Critical Analysis and Writing I
ENGL 1213Composition II3
or ENGL 1413 Critical Analysis and Writing II
HIST 1103Survey of American History3
or HIST 1483 American History to 1865 (H)
or HIST 1493 American History Since 1865 (DH)
POLS 1113American Government3
MATH 1513College Algebra (A) ( or higher)3
STAT 2013Elementary Statistics (A)3
or STAT 2023 Elementary Statistics for Business and Economics (A)
or PSYC 3214 Statistical Methods in Psychology
BIOL 1113
BIOL 1111
Introductory Biology (N)
and Introductory Biology Laboratory (LN)
or BIOL 1114 Introductory Biology (LN)
BIOL 3204Physiology4
BIOL 3214Human Anatomy (Strongly recommended. Some nursing schools require BIOL 3214.)4
or HHP 2654 Applied Anatomy
CHEM 1314Chemistry I (LN)4
MICR 2123Introduction to Microbiology3
MICR 2132Introduction to Microbiology Laboratory2
NSCI 2013Principles of Human Nutrition (N)3
Select 3 hours from:3
Introduction To Philosophy (H)
Philosophies of Life (H)
Social Philosophy (H)
Biomedical Ethics (H)
Select 3 hours Humanities (H) from:3
Architecture and Society (HI)
Art History Survey I (H)
Art History Survey II (H)
Introduction to Global Art (H)
History of Classical Art (H)
Introduction to Dance Studies (H)
Great Works of Literature (H)
Exploring Literature (DH)
Introduction to Film and Television (H)
Introduction to Music (H)
History of Rock and Roll (H)
American Popular Music (H)
Introduction to Staged Entertainment (H)
Diverse American Drama (DH)
Select 3 hours from:3
Cultural Anthropology (IS)
Peoples of Mesoamerica (IS)
Comparative Cultures (IS)
Asia (IS)
Africa (IS)
Introduction to Central Asia Studies (IS)
East Asia Since 1800 (HI)
Modern Japan (HI)
Modern China (HI)
Food and the Human Environment (IS)
Asian Philosophy (HI)
PSYC 1113Introductory Psychology (S)3
PSYC 2583Developmental Psychology (S)3
or HDFS 2113 Lifespan Human Development (S)
SOC 1113Introductory Sociology (S)3
Total Hours62