Ethical Leadership, UCRT

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about University Academic Regulation 3.1.

Total Hours: 16

Core Requirements
Select 3 hours of an introductory course:3
Agricultural Leaders in Society (S)
Foundations of Ethical Leadership
President's Leadership Council II
and President's Leadership Council I
Directed Study (McKnight Scholars Leadership Colloquium I)
Directed Study (McKnight Scholars Leadership Colloquium II)
Directed Study (McKnight Community Leadership)
Pre-Approved Diversity Credits
Select 3 hours of pre-approved diversity credit or leadership study abroad3
Current Issues in Leadership
Directed Study (International Studies in Leadership)
OR students may choose 3 credit hours from the following:
Agricultural Leadership in a Multicultural Society (DS)
Television and American Society (DH)
The Body in American Culture (DH)
U.S. as Business Culture (DH)
Gender in America (DH)
Cultural Diversity in Professional Life (D)
Inclusion Leadership (DS)
Minorities in Science and Technology: Contributions Past, Present and Future (DS)
Diversity and Inclusion in 21st Century America (DS)
Readings in the American Experience (DH)
Exploring Literature (DH)
Exploring North America and Diversity (DS)
Introduction to Gender Studies (DH)
LGBTQ Lives in the United States (D)
Gender and Representation (D)
Religion in America (DH)
Women in the American West (DH)
Health Issues in Diverse Populations (D)
Media in a Diverse Society (DS)
Managing Diversity in the Workplace (D)
Diversity Impacts in Information Systems (D)
Philosophy of Race (DH)
Social Justice Politics (D)
Minorities in the American Political System (DS)
Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination (D)
Contemporary Issues in Diversity (DS)
Social Problems (DS)
Racial and Ethnic Relations (DS)
Gender and Work (DS)
OR students may petition to the Ethical Leadership Committee for approval of additional study abroad courses offered by OSU.
Pre-Approved Electives
Select 6 hours of pre-approved electives6
Agricultural Leadership: Theory and Practice
Facilitating Social Change in Agriculture
Global Leadership in Agriculture (I)
Crime, Law and American Culture (S)
Practical Business and Interpersonal Skills
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Creative Processes
Policy, Law and Advocacy
Leadership Concepts
Civic Leadership
Health Issues in Diverse Populations (D)
Total Wellness (S)
Developing Leadership Skills
Current Topics in Management and Leadership
Managing Confrontations
Management and Ethical Leadership
Social Issues in the Marketing Environment (D)
Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Systems
Business Ethics (H)
Biomedical Ethics (H)
Engineering Ethics
Gender and Politics
Psychology of Motivation
Social Problems (DS)
OR students may petition to the Ethical Leadership Certificate Commitee for approval of additional elective courses offered by OSU.
Service Learning (minimum of 1 hour)
UNIV 4950Application of Ethical Leadership1
Capstone Course
HESA 4513Ethical Leadership for the Common Good3
Total Hours16