Special Academic Services, Programs and Facilities

University College Advising

Nick Holmes—Director, University College Advising and the LASSO Center

University College Advising (UCA) provides academic advising and assistance to a variety of diverse student populations. Students advised by UCA include, but are not limited to, undecided students and those admitted through the alternative admission and holistic admission programs. Additionally, UCA is the advising home for pre-CEAT students, undecided transfer students, and some students on academic probation. By providing personalized attention and assistance, UCA strives to help students as they adjust to OSU and explore their academic options. University College Advising is located in 214 Student Union. Please visit uca.okstate.edu or contact 405.744.5333 for more information.

The following programs are offered through University College Advising:

Freshman Programs

  • Students who are undecided with interests spanning more than one academic college
  • Students admitted through OSU's holistic or alternative admissions programs
  • Students admitted through OSU's pre-CEAT program

In addition to academic advising, UCA provides students with a First-Year Seminar (UNIV 1111) designed to help freshmen adjust to the demands of college life, learn how to become academically successful, explore various major and career options, and make students aware of university rules and regulations. This class is taught by UCA advisors in conjunction with UCA’s Student Academic Mentor Program. After remediating any subject area deficiencies and completing one semester with a 3.0 GPA or higher or two semesters with a minimum 2.00 GPA, students may generally transfer to their academic college of choice, depending on their college and department’s individual GPA and course requirements.

Transfer Probation

Transfer students who do not meet OSU's minimum hour/GPA transfer requirements may be admitted on probation by a joint decision of their academic college and University College Advising. 

University Academic Assessment Program

The University Academic Assessment Program is designed for students who have experienced academic difficulty at the college level, including:

  • students on academic probation;
  • freshmen on academic notice;
  • students in good academic standing, who are ineligible for admission to their desired college or major; and
  • students who left OSU while on probation or suspension and after taking off at least one regular semester have been readmitted based on a demonstrated potential for success.

In conjunction with in-depth academic advising, University College advisors assist Academic Assessment and Transfer Probation students in developing realistic plans of study, informing students of important policies and requirements, such as OSU and major-specific GPA requirements and OSU's Academic Forgiveness policies. These students are advised by UCA until they are eligible to transfer to their academic college of choice, depending on their college and department's individual GPA and course requirements. 

Bachelor of University Studies

Occasionally a student experiences great difficulty in finding a degree plan appropriate for his/her interests and career goals. In this case, an individual degree plan may be developed to meet State Regents' and OSU's degree requirements. Academic advisors in UCA can be instrumental in helping draft the initial stages of such plans, which are then forwarded to the academic colleges for approval.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is a major function within the University and serves the student first and foremost. Advising assists students in developing their intellectual potential through effective use of all resources available at the University—academic, cultural and social. The role of the student's academic advisor is to:

  1. assist in educational planning, including clarification of career and educational goals, curriculum planning and short-term course selection,
  2. become aware of and make appropriate referrals to campus support services,
  3. provide information to prospective majors, and
  4. prepare degree plans for graduating seniors and submit these to the respective college graduation certification office.

Advising is performed within each of the undergraduate colleges and in University College Advising. Each college structures its advising system based upon the college's philosophy and perceived student needs. In most colleges, freshmen and undeclared students are advised through the college's office of student academic services, while declared majors are advised in their major department. In the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, all students are advised by faculty members.

Each college has an office of student academic services to represent the dean in matters concerning undergraduate students. Students should contact their office of student academic services when questions arise regarding advising, academic programs and requirements, and academic support services.

The locations of the offices of student academic services are:

  • Arts and Sciences, 213 Life Sciences East

  • Education and Human Sciences, 101 Nancy Randolph Davis

  • Engineering, Architecture and Technology, 110 Engineering North

  • Ferguson College of Agriculture, 136 Agricultural Hall

  • Professional Studies, North Hall 130, Tulsa

  • Spears School of Business, 155 Business Building

  • University College Advising, 214 Student Union

  • OSU-Tulsa Advising Services, North Hall 130

  • Honors College, 101 Old Central

  • Graduate College, 202 Whitehurst

  • Center for Health Sciences, 1111 W. 17th, Tulsa

  • College of Veterinary Medicine, 110 McElroy Hall

Students should keep in mind that while the University provides advising as a service and resource, the ultimate responsibility for identifying and completing degree requirements rests with the student.

LASSO Center

Mike Seaman—Assistant Director

The LASSO Center provides academic support through three core programs: Academic Success Coaching, the Paul Milburn Tutoring Program, and Supplemental Instruction to all students at no additional cost. The LASSO Center is located in 021 Classroom Building. The administrative offices are open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but the tutoring center has extended hours during the fall and spring semesters. For more information please visit lasso.okstate.edu.

Academic Success Coaches

The LASSO Academic Success Coaching program offers individualized attention to help students adjust personally and academically, both as they transition from high school to college and as they progress through their college experience. Success Coaches assist students with refining academic skills such as time management, effective study methods, and offering academic accountability partnerships. To request a Success Coach or find more information on the program, please visit lasso.okstate.edu or call 405.744.3309.

LASSO Center Paul Milburn Tutoring Program

The LASSO Center Paul Milburn Tutoring Program is a service offered to students campus-wide. Highly trained and qualified tutors are available to students for individualized, one-on-one tutoring. Tutoring is available by appointment Sunday through Friday. Please visit lasso.okstate.edu or contact the LASSO Center tutoring office at 405.744.3309 for more information.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic program that provides peer-led collaborative study sessions for targeted courses. Sessions are led by SI leaders who are undergraduate students that have previously earned A's in the course and are recommended by faculty. The SI leaders attend classes and work with course instructors to provide 3 weekly collaborative sessions, where they facilitate discussions and study activities that allow students to master course materials by working together in a cooperative learning environment. Students may find more information about SI and a list of current courses offering Supplemental Instruction at lasso.okstate.edu.

Department of Transfer and Student Veteran Success

The Department of Transfer and Student Veteran Success provides a holistic student experience that encourages academic excellence, personal responsibility, professional growth, and diversity of expression, experience, and culture. The Department serves a diverse population of students who transfer in from other institutions, are active duty in the military, veterans, and other military-affiliated students including spouses and dependents. Within the Department there are three offices that assist and support student success: Transfer Student Success, Student Veteran Success, and Transfer Academic Support Services.

Transfer Student Success

The Office of Transfer Student Success offers a wide range of services to assist transfer students as they transition into OSU and through graduation including academic support related to transferring between institutions, secondary academic advising while attending, informational workshops and seminars, assistance with understanding how and where your credits transfer in, social activities and events, and many other resources. Students are able to meet with staff virtually and in person. The Office connects students with their admissions counselors, academic colleges and personnel where degrees of interest are housed, student organizations, and other services as needed. 

In addition to the services offered, the Office of Transfer Student Success houses:

  • Transfer and Veteran Success Center
    • Study and lounge space;
    • Computers and free printing;
    • Free snacks, coffee, soda, and more;
    • Peer engagement.
  • Transfer Student Ambassador Program
    • Open to all Transfer Students who have completed at least one semester at OSU with a 3.0 GPA;
    • First point of contact for new and returning transfer students;
    • Leadership Opportunities.
  • Tau Sigma National Honor Society
    • Benefits of membership include Induction Ceremonies, a cord and/or stole to wear at graduation, a local and national network of peers, scholarship and leadership opportunities.

Transfer Student Success is located in 061 Student Union and can be contacted at transferstudentservices@okstate.edu or 405-744-9737.

Student Veteran Success

The Office of Student Veteran Success is dedicated to helping veterans get the resources they need to succeed in a classroom environment. The Office provides comprehensive support to student-veterans, active duty, guard/reserve students and their families in an atmosphere of respect for their service to the nation. The Office is committed to helping the veteran and military-affiliated community achieve academic excellence at the university and occupational success once they leave. The Office hopes to further the cause of veterans on campus and in the community through education, administrative services, job advisement, community outreach and peer fellowship. Specific services offered include:

  • Student veteran advocacy;
  • University support services referrals;
  • VA counseling and health services referrals;
  • Computer and printing resources;
  • Peer support;
  • Lounge study area, refreshments;
  • Veteran and Community Based Events;
  • Specific needs-based test proctoring;
  • Work Study via The VBA Work Study Management System.

The Office of Student Veteran Success is located in 061 Student Union and can be contacted at militaryveterans@okstate.edu or 405-744-8118. 

Transfer Academic Support Services

The Office of Transfer Academic Support Services works with other colleges and universities and OSU academic colleges and staff on curricular alignment, establishing transfer agreements and non-traditional pathways for student success, and helps to provide a seamless transfer process for students. Specific services offered include:

  • Students can meet with staff to discuss the transfer agreements, how they affect transfer credit, and will help ensure that transfer credit is applied appropriately based on signed transfer maps;
  • Assist faculty and staff on the processes and procedures for creation, renewal, and maintenance of transfer agreements and provide data on how they boost student success and completion;
  • Meet with you to discuss what you are looking for and guide you to the appropriate faculty or staff at OSU;
  • Provides training on how to establish, renew, and utilize transfer agreements;
  • Provides you the OSU approved Transfer Agreement Template;
  • Maintains the transfer agreements on the OSU Transfer Map website and provide digital copies of literature and fliers with information about the transfer agreements;
  • Hosts the Oklahoma Statewide Transfer Student Success Conference each year.

Transfer Academic Support Services is located in 061 Student Union and can be contacted at transferacademicsupport@okstate.edu or 405-744-9737.

University Assessment and Testing (UAT)

Ryan Chung, PhD—Director

University Assessment and Testing (UAT) at OSU supports institutional, college, and academic program improvement and provides public assurance of academic program quality and accountability by documenting assessment progress toward meeting educational goals as required by accreditation agencies (Higher Learning Commission, HLC) and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE). Assessment involves creating measurable student learning outcomes, collecting data through various direct and indirect methods, analyzing and reviewing data, and, most importantly, using data to improve student learning. Assessment is an integral part of the institution's commitment to enhance and sustain academic program quality and students’ overall educational experiences.

The OSU Assessment and Academic Improvement Council (AAIC) guides the institution's assessment plan and coordinates with the director of UAT to facilitate assessment processes for all academic programs. Membership of the AAIC consists of faculty from each college and representatives from the offices of Student Affairs, Institutional Research and Analytics, University Libraries, and the Student Government Association. The AAIC supports assessment by providing resources to:

  1. Measure the effectiveness of all academic programs,
  2. Utilize information provided by assessment processes to improve student learning, and
  3. Determine the overall educational impact through assessment processes of the university learning experience on all students.  

Assessment activity at OSU, coordinated by UAT, includes four primary initiatives:

  1. Entry-Level Placement Assessment (ELPA) assists OSU advisors and faculty in making placement decisions to give students the best chance of academic success.
  2. General Education Assessment evaluates student achievement of institutionally recognized general education competencies, including written communication, problem solving, diversity, critical thinking and information literacy. UAT works with the Committee for the Assessment of General Education (CAGE) to improve efforts on general education assessment.
  3. Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment evaluates achievement of student learning goals in academic programs.
  4. Survey development, data collection, analysis, and reporting on student engagement, student satisfaction, and alumni perceptions of academic programs and services of OSU. 

Results of these assessment initiatives and efforts provide significant information for improvement of academic programs and services, of students' achievement of learning outcomes and of students' satisfaction with their educational experience.

UAT submits annual reports to the OSRHE that summarize the assessment initiatives listed above. These reports include program student learning outcomes, assessment methods used, student population of interest, measured criteria and expectations, results, and uses of assessment data (action plans). Visit https://assessment.okstate.edu/ for more information on assessment at OSU.

The OSU Testing Center, within UAT, provides testing and evaluation support services for OSU students and faculty on the Stillwater campus as well as to the wider local and state communities. Oklahoma State University course exams for many online and in-class courses are proctored at the OSU Testing Center, as are exams for many students who receive testing accommodations through Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Some common testing accommodations include separate room testing, extended testing time, adaptive technology, and/or trained staff assistance to students requiring a reader or an amanuensis.

The OSU Testing Center also administers exams for prospective students, including the National ACT, the ACT On-Campus, and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams are administered to current and prospective students who wish to earn college credit for specific courses. The online OSU Reading, English, and Math Placement Exams are available to undergraduate students for course placement in reading, writing and mathematics courses. Many state, national, and other certification exams are offered at the OSU Testing Center, including the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), PRAXIS, Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), Pearson Vue Exams, PROV Exams, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifications, amongst others. Visit https://testing.okstate.edu/ for more information on the exams available at the OSU Testing Center.

For more information on assessment and testing at OSU, visit the UAT website at https://uat.okstate.edu/.