Counseling Psychology, PhD

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 117

General Psychology Core
History and Systems of Psychology
FDEP 6133History and Systems of Psychology3
Biological Bases of Behavior
EPSY 5320Seminar in Educational Psychology 13
or PSYC 6483 Neurobiological Psychology
Cognitive/Affective Bases of Behavior
EPSY 6163Emotion and Cognition3
Social Bases of Behavior
FDEP 5183Theories of Social Psychology3
or PSYC 6563 Advanced Social Psychology
Individual Behavior
CPSY 6153Personality Theories3
EPSY 5103Human Development in Psychology3
CPSY 5563Conceptualization and Diagnosis in Counseling3
or PSYC 5113 Psychopathology
Psychogical Measurement and Assessment
CPSY 5523Assessment in Counseling3
EPSY 5320Seminar in Educational Psychology3
CPSY 6123Adult Personality Assessment3
Hours Subtotal30
Counseling Psychology Core
Theories and Interventions
CPSY 5553Theories of Counseling3
CPSY 6083Principles of Counseling Psychology3
CPSY 5453Vocational and Career Information3
CPSY 5583Group Process3
CPSY 6543Clinical Supervision3
CPSY 6553Advanced Practice in Marital and Family Treatment3
Professionalism and Ethics
CPSY 6053Ethical and Legal Issues in Professional Psychology3
Multicultural Counseling
CPSY 5503Multicultural Counseling3
Supervised Practicum Experiences
CPSY 5593Counseling Practicum3
CPSY 6413Counseling Psychology Practicum I3
CPSY 6423Counseling Psychology Practicum II3
CPSY 6433Counseling Psychology Practicum III3
CPSY 6443Counseling Psychology Practicum IV3
Doctoral Dissertation Hours (15 Minimum)
Fifteen hours from:15
Doctoral Dissertation
Six hours from:6
Advanced Internship in Counseling
Hours Subtotal60
Research Core
Statistics and Methods of Research and Evaluation
REMS 5013Research Design and Methodology3
REMS 5953Statistical Methods in Education3
Quantitative Statistics Core
REMS 6003Analyses of Variance3
REMS 6013Multiple Regression Analysis in Behavioral Studies3
REMS 6373Program Evaluation3
or REMS 6663 Applied Multivariate Research in Behavioral Studies
or REMS 6023 Psychometric Theory
Qualititative Research Core
SCFD 5913Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry3
or SOC 5273 Qualitative Research Methods
Hours Subtotal18
3 at 3 credits each9
Hours Subtotal9
Total Hours117

Graduate College Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Requirements

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