Academic Enrichment Programs

The Honors College

  • Keith Garbutt, PhD—Dean
  • Richard Frohock, PhD—Associate Dean
  • Ebonie Hill-Williamson—Program Coordinator
  • Shelly Schauer—Administrative Assistant
  • Amanda Booth—Honors Academic Counselor
  • O'donna Dean—Honors Academic Counselor
  • Cynthia Lane—Honors Academic Counselor

Oklahoma State University is an active member of the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Great Plains Honors Council. The Honors College Degree is composed of a university-wide General Honors component and specialized upper-division components at the departmental or college levels. The Honors College provides academically talented students with the opportunity to study, conduct research and exchange ideas in an exciting and supportive academic environment. Honors sections are offered in many general education courses, and special honors seminars, add-ons and interdisciplinary honors courses also are available. Honors classes are taught by outstanding faculty members and the classes are small in size to facilitate active student involvement.

Completion of the requirements for the General Honors Award leads to special designation on the student's OSU transcript, as does completion of the requirements for the Departmental or College Honors Award in the student's academic major. Students who earn a minimum of 36 honors credit hours and complete the Departmental or College Honors Award, as well as the General Honors Award, with a 3.50 cumulative grade-point average at graduation, receive the Honors College Degree, including a special entry on their transcripts and special honors diplomas.

Additional advantages for active participants in The Honors College (minimum of three honors credit hours per semester and nine honors credit hours for each two consecutive semesters for freshmen and sophomores and three honors credit hours per semester for juniors and seniors) include use of The Honors College Study Lounge in Old Central (with a computer lab), extended check-out privileges for library materials, priority enrollment for the following semester and an honors housing option in Stout Hall or Bennett Hall (on a rooms-available basis).

Admission of new freshmen to The Honors College is based on an ACT composite score of 27 or higher (or comparable SAT score) with a high school weighted or unweighted grade-point average of 3.75 or higher. Application forms are included in the OSU Application for Admission. Entering freshmen who fall just short of these criteria may request a petition form from The Honors College. Students other than new freshmen may be admitted to The Honors College on the basis of their graduation/retention grade-point average (7-59 hours earned: 3.30; 60-93 hours earned: 3.40; 94 or more hours earned: 3.50). Transfer freshmen must have completed at least seven college credit hours (not including concurrent enrollment while in high school) to be eligible on the basis of college performance if they do not have the required high school grade-point average and ACT score. There is a February 1 deadline for regular acceptance based on the criteria outlined above. Applications submitted after February 1 will be considered on a space-available basis.

For additional information about The Honors College, interested students should consult the Dean or Program Coordinator of The Honors College, 101 Old Central or visit

Oklahoma Scholar Leadership Enrichment Program

The Oklahoma Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program (OSLEP) is a statewide academic program designed to develop scholarship and leadership abilities of outstanding students. Students study in intensive, five-day seminars with a distinguished scholar and are selected from Oklahoma's 21 four-year colleges and universities. OSU's sophomore, junior and senior students with a 3.00 GPA are eligible to apply. OSLEP seminars are taken for three hours of credit. The only cost to students is the tuition—the program provides books and room and board during the seminar. The seminars are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis and are transferred to OSU as Pass/Fail. Application should be made as early in the academic year as possible. Further information and application materials may be obtained from The Honors College, 101 Old Central.

Henry Bellmon Office of Scholar Development and Undergraduate Research

  • Jessica Sullins—Director
  • Latasha Tasci—Program Coordinator
  • Mary Bugg—Administrative Assistant

OSU has long been a national leader and innovator in scholar development and, more recently, undergraduate research. For over 25 years, this office has prepared students for the future, whether in competition for prestigious national/international fellowships, admission to top graduate schools, securing highly competitive jobs, or attaining the skills required to grow as a leader. We offer diverse programs, targeted to a wide range of majors, year classifications, and interests to elevate a large number of students’ undergraduate experience. This office enhances undergraduate opportunity, encourages student-faculty mentoring, and promotes retention through five primary areas:

  1. Scholarship/Fellowship Success
    Outstanding students can compete for a wide range of prestigious national and international scholarships as sophomores, juniors and seniors at OSU, such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Goldwater, Udall, and others. In addition, there is a host of lesser-known but still valuable opportunities that require students to prepare competitive applications. This office monitors student progress, provides important information, supplies support, and plans courses and activities that can lead to success in these areas. Interested students can contact the office to inquire about opportunities and strategies. Often faculty will nominate candidates who have been performing at a high level academically and displaying other qualities through leadership and community service. Early identification of freshmen and sophomores is especially important for the student to gain the most from these programs.
  2. Writers' Workshop
    All successful applicants who are awarded with an OSU institutional nomination for the Truman, Goldwater and Udall scholarships receive an invitation to participate in the annual Writers’ Workshop at the OSU Doel Reed Center for the Arts in Taos, New Mexico. Significant scholarship support is provided for each nominee to participate in the workshop, which is held during the last week of students’ winter break (early January). OSU faculty and staff from the office join forces to mentor student nominees and to provide feedback on their national application materials.
  3. Undergraduate Research
    An incentive for the kinds of students who are considered OSU’s best and brightest, the Lew Wentz Foundation and generous donors provide substantial private funding to OSU for several scholarship programs that are managed in this office. The programs include:
    Wentz Research Grant—an opportunity for undergraduates to plan and perform high-level research under the direction of a faculty mentor ($4,500 each);
    Freshman Research Scholars Program—whereby top entering students can begin their careers with a scholarship for orientation to research ($1,000 each);
    ​Undergraduate Research Scholar Transcript Designation—Thanks to opportunities in undergraduate research at OSU, those receiving degrees can qualify for the "Undergraduate Research Scholar" designation on the transcript, a valuable achievement. To be considered, the student must:
    1. For a minimum of two semesters, be engaged in and make intellectual contributions to a research or creative project under the direction of a faculty member and/or faculty-led team; and either
    2. Disseminate the results of their project or creative project at a peer-reviewed state, regional or national conference and/or juried artistic venue such as an art exhibition, concert or festival; or
    3. Publish (or accept for publication) their research project in (1) a peer-reviewed research or professional journal, or (2) an OCES fact sheet or similar educational publication, or (3) have used their research as the basis for development and implementation of peer-reviewed educational programming.
  4. Cambridge Scholars Program
    This two-week summer program brings up to 22 of OSU’s top students to the University of Cambridge, UK for a special short course taught by OSU faculty. The program also provides substantial scholarship support for students.
    The benefits of participating in the Cambridge Scholars Program are numerous, especially if the course topic in a given year is of substantial interest to the student. Additional benefits include gaining a better understanding of British education in general and the education system at Cambridge in particular. Many program alumni have gone on to apply for graduate school at the University and have been successful.
  5. Individual and Institutional Recognition
    This office strives to promote scholarship and undergraduate ​research at the highest level at OSU through the formal recognition of both individual students and faculty, as well as through the promotion of the University as a whole. Visit the Halligan Hall of Scholars in the Student Union atrium for more information.

For further information on all programs, please contact the office at 405-744-7313 or visit