Geoscience, MPSM

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 36

Core Courses
Select 9 hours from the following:9
Seismic Interpretation
Sequence Stratigraphy
Advanced Methods in Structural Geology
Applied Geostatistics
Physical Hydrogeology
Introduction to Geophysical Exploration
Current Business Topics (Ethics)
Business Practicum (Project Management)
Interdisciplinary Inquiry in Business Administration (Descriptive Analytics)
Hours Subtotal9
Option Requirements
Select 12 hours from appropriate option:12
Introduction to Geophysical Exploration
Seismic Interpretation
Introduction to Exploration Seismology
Advanced Studies in Geology
Gravity and Magnetic Methods
Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods
Petroleum Geology
Petroleum Geology
Petrology and Diagenesis of Clastic Rocks
Structural Styles in Oil and Gas Exploration
Subsurface Geologic Methods
Advanced Well Log Analysis
Carbonate Depositional Systems
Stratigraphy of the Midcontinent
Basin Evolution
Rock Fractures
Unconventional Petroleum Reservoirs
Geology of Shales
Advanced Carbonate Petrology and Geochemistry
Carbonate Reservoir Characterization
Sequence Stratigraphy of Shales
Groundwater Modeling
Physical Hydrogeology
Petroleum Water Management
Contaminant Hydrogeology
GIS Applications for Water Resources
Introduction to Environmental Modeling
Groundwater Hydrology
Stochastic Methods in Hydrology
Soil Chemical Processes and Impact on Environmental Quality
Soil Bioremediation and Sustainability
Soil Physics Measurement Techniques
Hours Subtotal12
Select any four courses - courses within a cluster can lead to a graduate certification. 112
Big Data (online and certification available through CS)
Statistical Computing
Machine Learning
Big Data Management
Big Data Analytics
Business Administration (online and certification through Spears)
Individual and Organizational Behavior
MBA Financial Reporting
Business Finance
Managerial Economics
Marketing Management
Business Data Mining (online and certification through Spears)
Descriptive Business Analytics
Predictive Business Analytics
Predictive Analytics Technologies
Advanced Database Management
Marketing Analytics (online and certification through Spears)
Introduction to Marketing Analytics
Advanced Marketing Analytics
Predictive Analytics Technologies
Prescriptive Analytics
Advanced Computing
Parallel Algorithms and Programming
Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems
Numerical Computation
Time Series Analysis
Statistical Machine Learning with R
Artificial Intell II
Neural Networks
Energy Management (courses available online and in Tulsa)
Introduction to Energy Business
Energy Finance
Petroleum Economics and Investments
Predictive Analytics Technologies
Environmental Engineering and Management
Soil Mechanics
Environmental Laboratory Analysis
The Legal & Regulatory Environment of Civil Engineering
Environmental Soil Chemistry
Reservoir Management Cluster
Petroleum Rocks and Fluids
Drilling and Well Completions
Production Engineering
Reservoir Engineering and Well Testing
Petroleum Geomechanics
Directional Drilling
Geospatial Applications for Unmanned Aerial Systems
Geographic Analysis I
Advanced Geographic Information Systems: Resource Management Applications
Advanced Studies in Geology
Hours Subtotal12
Three hours of Capstone Project Course (Professional Internship with a research report)3
Hours Subtotal3
Total Hours36

Most of the courses have prerequisites that can be waived with instructor's consent.

Retention Requirements

  • The student will complete a Progress Report every semester in consultation with the mentor clearly highlighting previous achievements and immediate expectations, indicating how well the student is progressing towards degree completion.
  • Enrollment in minimum of one course per semester or an approved leave of absence.

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of a capstone project to the satisfaction of the student’s committee along with a written report
  • No pending Incomplete (“I”) grades in the coursework contributing towards the professional master’s degree. A student can take more than 36 credit hours of course work. However, only 36 credit hours of coursework will be counted towards degree completion.

Graduate College Master's Program Requirements

Learn more about Graduate College 2023-2024 Master’s Degree Program Requirements. Check the General Graduate College academic regulations for minimal GPA, language proficiency and other general requirements.