Art, Graphic Design and Art History

The Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History offers courses for students who are interested in the visual arts or wish to major in studio art, graphic design or art history. Minors are also available in studio art and art history. Fields of concentration include drawing, oil painting, printmaking, graphic design, electronic media, photography and digital media, ceramics, jewelry/metalsmithing, sculpture and art history.

The Bachelor of Art (BA) includes options in art history and studio art that can be combined with teacher certification; the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a professional degree with options in studio art or graphic design.

In order to qualify for graduation, art majors must have grade-point averages in Art Department courses of 2.50 for a BA in Studio Art, 3.0 for a BA in Art History, and 2.75 for a BFA in Studio Art or Graphic Design.

Students who wish to major in graphic design must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.75 to enroll in 2000-level graphic design courses. As of Fall 2019, Students must have taken or be enrolled in two 2000-level graphic design courses (ART 2413 and ART 2423) and completed their foundations level studio art classes (ART 1103, ART 1203, and ART 1303) before their sophomore portfolio review, which is scheduled each spring semester. Students who wish to transfer into the graphic design program with earned credit in these courses are subject to the same review and must submit portfolio materials with application for admission into the program no later than April 1. This portfolio review determines which students are qualified to proceed to 3000-level graphic design courses. Students who pass the graphic design portfolio review are furthermore required to purchase a MacBook Pro laptop computer for use in the classroom and at home. Specifications are available on the Department’s website,

The Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History is able to offer substantial scholarships at all levels, freshman through senior, on a competitive basis.

The Gardiner Gallery of Art in the Bartlett Center for the Visual Arts, the Department’s main building, hosts up to ten exhibitions per year. Exhibitions include the work of faculty, students, and national and international artists. Students and faculty also curate special exhibitions in the Gardiner Gallery.