Chemical Engineering, MS

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2019-2020. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 30 Hours

Core Courses
CHE 5123Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering3
CHE 5213Advanced Transport Phenomena3
CHE 5743Chemical Engineering Process Modeling3
CHE 5843Principles of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics3
CHE 5302Introduction to Science and Engineering Research2
Hours Subtotal14
CHE 6010 (Offered for variable credit, 1 credit hour, maximum of 10 credit hours.)3
Hours Subtotal3
Graduate-approved elective (CHE or other) courses, selected by the student with the approval of the student's advisor.7
Suggested Elective Courses
Fall Semester
Advanced Biomedical Engineering
Colloid Processing
Basic Physiology and Physiological System Analysis for Engineers
Process Simulation
Advanced Environmental Engineering
Neural Networks
Spring Semester
Advanced Bioprocess Engineering
Stagewise Operations
Advanced Biomaterials Science and Engineering
Advanced Chemical Process Control
CHE 5223
Turbulent Fluid Dynamics
Problems in Biosystems Engineering and Agricultural Technology
Hours Subtotal7
CHE 5000Master’s Thesis6
Hours Subtotal6
Total Hours30

General Graduate College Requirements

  • A minimum Grade-Point-Average of 3.00 is required
  • A minimum Grade of "C" is required in all degree applicable courses
  • No courses utilizing the Pass-No Pass grading system are permitted
  • GRAD 5082 or GRAD 5092 may not be used to meet degree requirements

Additional Graduate College Masters Degree Requirements

Plan I (coursework with thesis)

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours
    • A minimum of 24 coursework credit hours comprised of:
      • 6 research or creative component credit hours
      • 21 in-residence credit hours (maximum of 9 transfer hours with "B" or better)
      • 21 credit hours at 5000- or 6000-level

Plan II (coursework without thesis)

  • A minimum of 32 credit hours
    • A maximum of 3 credit hours of research or creative component
    • A minimum of 23 in-residence credit hours (maximum of 9 transfer credit hours with "B" or better)
    • A minimum of 21 credit hours at the 5000- or 6000-level