Access and Community Impact

Division of Access and Community Impact

  • Jason F. Kirksey, Ph.D.—Vice President for Access and Community Impact and Chief Diversity Officer
  • Clyde C. Wilson Jr., Ed.D.—Associate Vice President for Access and Community Impact
  • Nate C. Todd—Assistant Vice President for Access and Community Impact
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  • Address: 408 Whitehurst, Stillwater, OK 74078-1035
  • Phone: 405.744.9154
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OSU Diversity Statement

Oklahoma State University is a land-grant institution committed to excellence in diversity and inclusion. We strive to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment that appreciates and values all University community members. We define diversity as engagement in meaningful actions, behaviors, and conversations that reflect a commitment to recognizing, understanding, and respecting the differences among students, faculty, staff, and visitors throughout the OSU system. We do not condone acts, behavior, language, or symbols representing intolerance or discrimination. OSU is dedicated to cultivating and enriching the competitive advantages that diversity and inclusion provide all University community members. We identify diversity as a quality of life issue and an essential economic driver for the prosperity and well-being of the state, nation, and world.

The Division of Access and Community Impact focuses on developing a more inclusive community of learners and leaders while striving to address the complexities that emerge. We value all voices in our community. We strive to serve every member of the OSU family. Our goal is to maintain campus communities throughout the University system that are socially, culturally, and globally competent.

Our Mission

To develop and support efforts that help the Oklahoma State University System sustain and expand environments where all members are actively broadening their perspectives about differences; actively seeking to know individuals; actively including all members of the community in every aspect of the organization; and where students achieve academic excellence.

Key Action Steps

  • Provide seminars, workshops, courses, and other activities that afford individuals (students, staff, faculty, and community members) opportunities to broaden their perspectives regarding differences and notions of inclusion.
  • Recruit, retain, and graduate undergraduate and graduate students who actively promote the importance of an inclusively diverse community of learners and the world.
  • Provide internships and service-learning opportunities for students to gain knowledge and understanding of an inclusive community.
  • Recruit and retain staff and faculty who actively promote the importance of an inclusive community of learners.
  • Promote and reward student academic excellence.
  • Serve the surrounding communities in ways that actively promote the importance of an inclusive community and world.

At Oklahoma State University, we place great value on the differences between our communities. Diversity in action should empower individuals to think and act in ways that embrace and promote a more inclusive world.

The Division of Access and Community Impact was established in 2005 and began its seventeenth year with an expanded team dedicated to serving as a resource across the University system. Each department and unit promotes and facilitates a more inclusive community at Oklahoma State University.

Please visit our website at for updates as our work continues to support the mission of this great University.

Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) is a place for students of all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences to come together to learn more about themselves and each other. OMA takes a holistic approach to empowering Oklahoma State University students to think and act in ways that embrace and promote an inclusive world. We assist students in achieving academic excellence, developing their personal and professional character, and engaging in the campus and greater community. OMA completes these goals by connecting students with opportunities and resources in self-discovery, empowerment, cultural education, and leadership development to prepare students to live and thrive in the diverse world.

OMA is home to Oklahoma State University's cultural affinity student groups, including the African American Student Association, Asian American Student Association, Hispanic Student Association, Minority Women's Association, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Oklahoma State Queers and Allies, Vietnamese American Student Association, and Women's Programming Advisory Council. OMA supports over 20 umbrella organizations. Additionally, OMA supports the programs and activities of the Native American Student Association, housed within the Center for Sovereign Nations. Other OMA opportunities for involvement include academic seminars/workshops, cultural experiences, service-learning experiences, and social engagement programs. Scholarships and mentorship programs are also available to help students be successful.

For more information on OMA programs and services, visit our website at, contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs at 240 Student Union by phone at 405.744.5481, or email at

Inclusive Excellence, Support, and Engagement

Inclusive Excellence, Support, and Engagement (IESE) is a unit within the Division of Institutional Diversity. The mission of IESE is to provide resources and opportunities for academic, social, and emotional growth. This unit is engaged in activities designed to help create a more inclusively diverse community of learners at OSU. IESE aspires to work with all individuals interested in promoting this work. For more information, visit our website at, or please get in touch with IESE at 405.744.5335 or by e-mail at

ILP Program

The Inclusion Leadership Program (ILP) at OSU consists of a series of related activities that will help OSU students and students from high schools in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Stillwater to:

  1. broaden perspectives about themselves and others;
  2. develop inclusive leadership skills;
  3. increase knowledge regarding global networking; and
  4. clear a pathway to successful living within a global society.

The Inclusion Leadership Program is a year-long leadership program designed to equip OSU students with the skills and knowledge to become influential leaders in a more diversely inclusive society. Students in the ILP program will share their understanding of leadership with teams of OSU sophomores and students selected from high schools in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Stillwater High School. Business leaders will also mentor the OSU and high school students.

By becoming mentors to the high school students, the OSU students will pass on what they are learning. They will be developing high school students to become leaders themselves. In essence, leaders will be developing leaders. For additional information on the ILP program, visit or contact the coordinator at 405.744.2920.

RISE Program

The Retention Initiative for Student Excellence program (RISE) is designed to assist students in transitioning from high school to Oklahoma State University. The program's primary focus is to address all academic issues that might challenge RISE students. The program is also attentive to the various social and financial challenges that RISE students often face. The RISE program provides students with mentors, scheduled study group sessions, one-on-one tutorials as needed, opportunities to serve in leadership roles, and several social and cultural activities.

The objective is for all RISE students to end their first year of academic work at OSU with no less than a 3.2 GPA. The RISE program is designed for excellence. Our expectations are high, and our commitment is deep. We believe these two principles form a foundation for RISE students to achieve excellence at Oklahoma State University. For additional information on the RISE program, visit or contact the coordinator at 405.744.4725.

McNair Scholars Program

The OSU McNair Scholars Program prepares low-income, first-generation college students and students from groups underrepresented in graduate education for doctoral study. Services include research opportunities, summer internships, seminars, academic counseling, and assistance securing admission and financial aid for graduate programs. For more information on the McNair Scholars Program, visit or contact OSU McNair at 405.744.3943.