The student pursuing a BA or BS in psychology is provided with a background which can be of great value in personal, social and vocational areas of life. The course of study applies the scientific method to the study of the behavior of an individual and behavior between individuals. The understanding of such material can be directly related to a variety of employment opportunities. In addition, students may take advantage of opportunities to work with faculty in research or in teaching to gain additional experience. Such experiences are especially helpful to those students wishing to pursue graduate education in psychology or related fields.

A bachelor's degree in psychology is useful in a wide number of occupations in business, education and industry. The range of positions obtained by graduates covers almost all occupations requiring direct personal contact with other people. Some examples are supervision, training, sales, public relations and interviewing. Also included are positions with city, state and federal agencies, and in applied research. Although there is no licensure or certification to teach psychology in the schools, it is possible to earn a teaching certificate or license in social studies education with endorsement in psychology while pursuing a major in psychology. Persons interested in such teaching should contact the Office of Professional Education. (See "Professional Education Programs" in the "College of Education and Human Sciences" section of the Catalog.)

The department also offers courses in speech communication to enhance the student's ability to effectively communicate in the interpersonal, organizational and public contexts. Both conceptual knowledge and practical application are emphasized to prepare students to begin careers in business and industry, or to enter graduate or professional schools.