School of Global Studies and Partnerships

College Administration

Randy Kluver, PhD—Dean
Jami Fullerton, PhD—Associate Dean, Director of Academic Programs
Bailey Bryan, MS—Graduate Program Coordinator/Advisor
Patricia Acurio—Administrative Assistant

Campus Address and Phone

Address: 204 Wes Watkins Center, Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-6609


In keeping with OSU’s commitment as a land-grant institution, the School of Global Studies and Partnerships is focused on preparing students to address critical global challenges. Our curriculum reflects a global orientation to understanding issues such as economic development, geopolitics, crisis management, global trade, and public diplomacy.

Academic Programs

The School of Global Studies and Partnerships offers an interdisciplinary Master of Science degree in Global Studies and an undergraduate, interdisciplinary minor in International Studies.

The Master of Science degree in Global Studies is designed to prepare students to cope with international responsibilities and address world problems that confront individuals working in the public and private sectors around the world. The curriculum is designed to educate students in the challenges and issues facing local and global communities, with an emphasis on understanding the economic, political, environmental, social, and cultural contexts that drive contemporary society. This interdisciplinary structure allows our students to draw from the best courses that Oklahoma State University has to offer, as well as to gain a global skill-set that will allow graduates to influence the world in a variety of career paths.

The graduate program in global studies is designed to prepare students for internationally-oriented careers in a number of professional contexts including business, trade development, cultural industries, nonprofit organizations, media, and public and international policy. The program at OSU emphasizes the real challenges that face developing and developed nations alike, and seeks to bring a global problem-solving perspective to address those challenges. Students have opportunities to participate in research or internships abroad, tailor coursework to meet their educational needs, and to gain skills necessary to compete and thrive in an ever-growing global society. Graduates of the program work in numerous industries around the world including business, non-profit organizations, or government service around the world.

There are two tracks within the program:  thesis and non-thesis.

Thesis Track:  33 hours of coursework including 6 hours of thesis

Non-thesis Track:  33 hours of coursework including 3 hours of capstone experience

This interdisciplinary program allows students to choose from one of four focus areas. Additionally, students are required to take an introductory course (GS 5013 – Contemporary Issues) and a graduate-level research course. Candidates for the master’s degree must also demonstrate foreign language proficiency and complete an international experience.

Depending on whether the student chooses the thesis or non-thesis track, the number of focus area courses will vary from 9-12 hours chosen from a list that are offered by departments across campus.

Focus Areas Include:

  • Global Trade 
  • Global Communication and Public Diplomacy
  • Global Leadership and Development
  • Global Crisis Management

Iranian and Persian Gulf Studies

The Iranian and Persian Gulf Studies program offers courses, seminars, visiting speakers, workshops, courses and other programs that allow OSU faculty and students to better understand Iran, its history, society and current challenges, and its relationship to the US and other nations. The IPGS program also administers the Farzaneh Professorships in Iranian Studies, which allow OSU faculty to develop specific research areas related to Iran and its region.

Global Briefing Series

The School of Global Studies and Partnerships sponsors presentations from noteworthy speakers to provide background and commentary on important global issues, whether economic, geopolitical, social or other. The speakers add significant international perspective for the OSU community, and allow students and faculty access to top global thought leaders and insight into trends that are facing the world.


Application to the School of Global Studies and Partnerships Graduate Program is made through a central online application process administered by the Oklahoma State University Graduate College.

The School of Global Studies and Partnerships has floating deadlines for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. The priority deadline is November 1st for Spring and April 1st for Fall. Applying by the priority deadline will allow applicants to receive priority consideration for graduate assistantships available for the term.

To apply, students must provide their transcripts, resume, statement of purpose and the names and email addresses for three people who can provide a recommendation for them. The School of Global Studies and Partnerships does not require students to take the GRE or GMAT for admission.

English Proficiency Requirement

The School of Global Studies and Partnerships does not have English proficiency requirements beyond those required by the OSU Graduate College (

Foreign Language Requirement

The foreign language requirement is designed to ensure that all students who graduate from the School of Global Studies Graduate Program have language skills to successfully embark upon global careers. 

To fulfill the foreign language requirement, native speakers of English must have accomplished:

  1. Complete 6 semester hours of a second language during their undergraduate or graduate studies. 
  2. Obtain an intermediate level rating on the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). For more information on the OPI, see the website at
  3. Complete a department-approved Foreign Language Immersion Program.

This requirement must be completed prior to graduation from the School of Global Studies Graduate Program. Language courses may be completed at OSU or outside institutions during your time in the program. We also accept previous coursework in foreign language but may ask for proof of completion.

International Experience Requirement

Students from the U.S. must have an international experience to qualify for the Master of Science in Global Studies degree. The time outside the U.S. must be a minimum of 3 weeks, involve a structured program of coursework or internship, and have occurred during the student’s undergraduate or graduate programs. Due to the great variety of opportunities available, the international experience must be approved by the SGS Director of Academic Programs.

Student Clubs and Honor Societies

Student Association of Global Affairs (SAGA)

Sigma Iota Rho Honor Society for International Studies

Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars


The School of Global Studies Graduate Program offers a number of fellowships and scholarships to students every year. To apply, students will submit one application, which will consider them for all scholarships and fellowships. Applications must be submitted to or in person to 204 Wes Watkins Center.

  • Dambach Endowed Peacebuilder Fellowships
  • The Lawrence L. Boger Distinguished Graduate Fellowship
  • The Wes and Lou Watkins Distinguished Graduate Fellowship
  • The Dr. James G. Hromas Distinguished Graduate Fellowship
  • Hugh Rouk Fellowship
  • Jud and Vera Milburn Fellowship
  • Meredith Woodruff and Donald Garner Endowed Scholarship
  • Raymond Sidwell Family Endowment for International Outreach Scholarship
  • Emma Adele and Thomas Bennett Endowed Scholarship
  • Cole-Hamm Scholarship in Global Studies
  • Les Martin Endowed Graduate Fellowship
  • Hyatt Distinguished Graduate Fellowship
  • Wes Watkins Global Trade Fellowship

Undergraduate Minor in International Studies

The minor in international studies provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to include an international dimension to any academic major. This interdisciplinary minor offers flexible course selection outside of the major and encourages students to understand social, political, economic and cultural contrasts throughout the world. The minor is designed to give students a background in global studies to supplement their chosen career path. Students should contact their undergraduate advisor to declare the minor. The minor must be declared prior to the semester of graduation.

Students structure the minor from courses containing the international dimension designation (12 hours) as well as one core course in Global Studies (GS 2013, 3 hours) and one international experience (3 hours), such as study abroad. No more than 6 hours of coursework may be taken in any single discipline (course prefix). In addition, each student must complete 6 credit hours of a foreign language or provide proof of foreign language competency. A minimum grade-point average of 2.0 is required in coursework to complete the minor.