Management Information Systems: Data Science, BSBA

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2018-2019. Learn more about University Academic Regulation 3.1.

Minimum Overall Grade Point Average: 2.00
Total Hours: 120

General Education Requirements
English Composition
See Academic Regulation 3.5
ENGL 1113Composition I3
or ENGL 1313 Critical Analysis and Writing I
ENGL 1213Composition II3
or ENGL 1413 Critical Analysis and Writing II
American History & Government
HIST 1103Survey of American History3
POLS 1113American Government3
Analytical & Quantitative Thought (A)
MATH 1483Mathematical Functions and Their Uses (A)3
or MATH 1513 College Algebra (A)
Humanities (H)
Courses designated (H)6
Natural Sciences (N)
Must include one Laboratory Science (L) course
Courses designated (N) with one (L)7
Social & Behavioral Sciences (S)
Course designated (S)3
Additional General Education
MATH 2103Business Calculus (A) 13
MGMT 3013Fundamentals of Management (S) 1,23
MKTG 3213Marketing (S) 1,23
Hours Subtotal40
Diversity (D) & International Dimension (I)
May be completed in any part of the degree plan
At least one Diversity (D) course
At least one International Dimension (I) course
College/Departmental Requirements
Business Freshman Seminar
BADM 1111Business First Year Seminar1
Career Planning for Business Success
BADM 2111Career Planning for Business Success 11
Professional Development for Business Development
BADM 3111Professional Development for Business Success 11
Hours Subtotal3
Major Requirements
A minimum GPA of 2.20 is required in these 66 hours
Common Body 2
ACCT 2003Survey of Accounting 13
BADM 3113Interpersonal Skills 13
ECON 2003Microeconomic Principles for Business 13
EEE 2023Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
FIN 3113Finance3
LSB 3213Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business3
MGMT 4513Strategic Management3
MSIS 2103Business Data Science Technologies3
MSIS 3223Operation Analytics3
Management Information Systems Major Requirements
A GPA of 2.00 is required in these 39 hours of Management Information Systems Major Requirements
20 of these 39 hours must be in residence at OSU
MSIS 2203Computer Programming for Business3
MSIS 4123Information Assurance Management3
MSIS 3333Database Systems Design, Management and Administration3
MSIS 3363Web Application Development3
MSIS 4003Systems Analysis and Design3
MSIS 4033Information Systems Project Management and Communication3
Select 12 hours of the following:12
Management Science - Prescriptive Analytics
Managerial Decision Theory
Decision Support and Business Intelligence Applications
Data Science Programming
Data Visualization
Select 9 hours of the following:9
Intermediate Accounting I
Intermediate Accounting II
Cost Accounting
Accounting Information Systems
Contemporary Integrated Accounting and Business Systems
Computer Science II
Unix Programming
C/C++ Programming
Any upper-division CS courses except CS 4113 and CS 4883
Econometric Methods
Business and Economic Forecasting
Financial Management
Quality Control
Facilities and Material Handling System Design
Systems Simulation Modeling
Linear Algebra
Linear and Nonlinear Programming
Consumer and Market Behavior
Sales Management
Supply Chain Management
Marketing Research
Services Marketing
any upper division courses
Intermediate Statistical Analysis
Engineering Statistics
Applied Regression Analysis
Statistical Methods I for the Social Sciences (A)
Mathematical Statistics I
Mathematical Statistics II
Hours Subtotal66
Select 11 hours11
May be selected from any upper- or lower-division area except activity courses in LEIS and PE and lower-division AERO and MLSC. Twelve credit hours earned in advanced AERO and MLSC, exclusive of credit earned for summer camp, may be included in the 120 hours.
Hours Subtotal11
Total Hours120

Other Requirements

  1. A minimum of 50 percent of the business hours required for a degree must be in residence at OSU.
  2. Forty-five hours of upper division courses required.

Additional State/OSU Requirements

  • At least: 60 hours at a four-year institution; 30 hours completed at OSU; 15 of the final 30 and 50% of the upper-division hours in the major field completed at OSU.
  • Limit of: one-half of major course requirements as transfer work; one-fourth of hours earned by correspondence; 8 transfer correspondence hours.
  • Students will be held responsible for degree requirements in effect at the time of matriculation and any changes that are made, so long as these changes do not result in semester credit hours being added or do not delay graduation.
  • Degrees that follow this plan must be completed by the end of Summer 2024.