Ancient and Medieval Studies (AAMS), Minor

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about University Academic Regulation 3.1.

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Minimum Grade Point Average in Minor Coursework: 2.50 with no grade below "C"
Total Hours: 18

Minor Requirements
12 hours must be upper-division
At least 3 hours must be non-Western
Select 18 credit hours from at least 3 disciplinary areas:18
Art History Survey I (H)
History of Classical Art (H)
Early Medieval Art: Saints, Martyrs, Pagans (H)
Court and Cloister: Medieval Art 1050-1400 (H)
Rome: The Eternal City in Art and Film (H)
Gender And Visual Culture
Survey of British Literature I (H)
Mythology (H)
Literatures of the Ancient World (H)
History of the English Language
Studies in Medieval British Literature
Introduction to Old English
Studies in Chaucer or Milton
Single Author or Work Pre-1800
Elementary Classical Greek I
Elementary Classical Greek II
Elementary Classical Greek III
Intermediate Readings
Advanced Readings
Greek Literature in Translation (H)
Western Civilization to 1500 (H)
Survey of Eastern Civilization (H)
World History from Ancient Times to 1500 (H)
Ancient Egypt and Israel (H)
Ancient Greece (H)
Ancient Mesopotamia: Iraq, Iran & Syria from 4000-333 B.C. (H)
The Medieval World, 500-1500 (H)
Late Medieval World, 1000-1450 (H)
Invasion and Identity: The Medieval English World: 700-1400 (H)
Medieval Islamic History (H)
The Mongol Empire (H)
Studies in History (must be "Religion and Mythology")
Sorcerers, Saints and Heretics: Religion in the Medieval World (H)
Sex and Gender in the Medieval World (H)
The Ancient World (H)
The Middle Ages and Renaissance (H)
Elementary Latin I
Elementary Latin II
Elementary Latin III
Intermediate Readings
Classical Mythology (H)
Love and Hate in Greece and Rome (H)
Advanced Readings in Latin
Latin Literature in Translation (H)
The Old Testament and its Study (H)
The New Testament and Its Study (H)
Jesus: Teachings, History and Interpretation (H)
Paul and the Early Church (H)
Classic Christian Writings (H)
Other courses that are at least 50% focused on the Ancient World and/or Middle Ages may be used with consent of advisor.
Total Hours18

Additional OSU Requirements

Undergraduate Minors

  • An undergraduate minor must include between fifteen and thirty hours, inclusive of undergraduate coursework.
  • A minimum of six credit hours for the minor must be earned in residence at OSU.
  • The courses required for a minor may be included in the course requirements for any undergraduate degree or they may be in addition to degree requirements, depending on the overlap between the minor and degree requirements. However, an undergraduate minor must be earned in an academic field other than the student's declared degree option. The minor may not duplicate the degree major or option (for example, a student who earns a BA in Art with an Art History option may earn a minor in Studio Art but not Art History).
  • A student generally follows the minor requirements associated with his or her matriculation year or newer requirements that have been established since matriculation. The time limit for following requirements from a given academic year is six years.

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