Health and Human Performance, PhD

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 60

Research Core
HHP 6063Grant Writing in Kinesiology, Applied Health, and Recreation3
HHP 6020Research Colloquium (1 credit hour, must take three times)3
Select 9 hours of STAT (to be approved by committee on Plan of Study)9
Hours Subtotal15
Option Hours
Select one of the following options:9
Applied Physiology
Applied Neuromuscular Physiology
Human Bioenergetics
Applied Biomechanics
Practitioner Core
Principles of Performance Enhancement
Clin Ex Test & Prescript
Human Bioenergetics
Hours Subtotal9
Select 6 hours as approved by committee on Plan of Study6
Hours Subtotal6
Dissertation Research
Thirty hours from:30
Doctoral Dissertation
Hours Subtotal30
Total Hours60

Other Requirements

Graduation standard to receive a Ph.D. in HHP requires students to complete all coursework with a grade of C or better in every course with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher; complete qualifying exams; and complete and defend dissertation research.

Graduate College Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Requirements

Learn more about Graduate College 2023-2024 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree Program Requirements. Check the General Graduate College academic regulations for minimal GPA, language proficiency and other general requirements.