School of Teaching, Learning and Educational Sciences

Shelbie Witte, PhD—Chuck and Kim Watson Endowed Chair and School Head

The School of Teaching, Learning and Educational Sciences develops outstanding education professionals and school psychologists who have the confidence and demonstrated competence to be leaders, advocates, and agents of change in regional, national and world communities. We employ and model authentic, engaging methods and innovative, collaborative practices to develop scholars, especially teachers, teacher educators and school psychologists who are transformative leaders and reflective practitioners adept at using creative and effective methods to foster productive and just communities. Programs in the School of Teaching, Learning and Educational Sciences (STLES) include curriculum studies, elementary education, gifted and talented education, secondary education, literacy education, science/mathematics education, special education and school psychology. Consistent with the University’s Professional Education unit conceptual framework, all programs leading to teacher certification at both initial and advanced levels incorporate the L.E.A.D.S. framework based on leadership, ethics and professionalism, academic and professional roles, diversity and service orientation/community outreach. Graduate program goals in STLES focus on the concepts of agency, pedagogy, diversity and research.

Course Prefixes

Most courses in STLES programs carry the CIED (Curriculum and Instruction) prefix. Other course prefixes include CTED (Career and Technical Education), GTED (Gifted and Talented Education), LLCE (Language, Literacy & Culture), SPED (Special Education), SMED (Science/Mathematics Education), and SPSY (School Psychology).

Undergraduate Programs

  • Jill Metzger, MS—Teaching Instructor and Elementary Education Area Coordinator
  • Shanedra Nowell, PhD—Associate Professor and Secondary Education Area Coordinator 

The School offers undergraduate degrees in elementary, secondary, and K-12 education. The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree qualifies the student for an Oklahoma elementary teaching certificate (grades 1-8). The program is intended to provide students with:

  • a breadth of knowledge reflecting the broad traditions of general education, and
  • a depth of knowledge in the area of specialization.

The degree includes four field experiences, culminating in a full-semester clinical internship, through which students work in diverse school settings and demonstrate and strengthen their pedagogical knowledge. This degree is offered on both the Stillwater and Tulsa campuses. Stillwater students can apply to the ExCEL experience, providing site-based coursework in Stillwater elementary schools for the final two semesters of enrollment. The culminating clinical internship placement opportunities include placement in accredited schools in Stillwater and the surrounding area or international placement. All students complete a Professional Portfolio with three separate submissions. It should be noted that all previous coursework must be successfully completed prior to participation in the final two semesters. Oklahoma certification also mandates the Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators.

The Bachelor of Science in Secondary or K-12 Education degree is designed to prepare teacher candidates who are life-long learners, emerging professionals and subject matter specialists with strong liberal arts backgrounds. Each secondary/K-12 degree and certification program includes general education courses, extensive specialization coursework in the discipline area, and professional education courses accompanied by school-based field experiences. Degree options leading to certification for teaching grades 5-12 are English and social studies. The foreign language option leads to certification in grades K-12. Secondary science and mathematics education students pursue degrees from the College of Arts and Sciences through the OSUTeach program. Students complete a Professional Portfolio with three separate submissions. Oklahoma certification also mandates the Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators.

Programs/Areas of Emphasis Degrees

Degrees offered through STLES programs include Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Master of Science (MS), Education Specialist (EdS), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Elementary Education

  • Elementary Education—BS, BS Online Option

Secondary Education

  • Secondary Education
    • English—BS
    • Mathematics—BS
    • Science—BS
    • Social Studies—BS
    • Foreign Language—BS
  • OSU Teach
  • Secondary Science—MAT

Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

  • College Teaching—GRCT
  • Effective Teaching in Secondary Schools—GRCT
  • Effective Teaching in the Elementary School—GRCT
  • Elementary Mathematics Specialist—GRCT
  • Curriculum and Leadership Studies—MS
  • K12 Education—MS
  • Math/Science Education—MS
  • Reading/Literacy—MS
  • Special Education—MS

PhD in Education

  • Curriculum Studies—MS, PhD
    • College Curriculum and Teaching—PhD
    • Curriculum and Leadership—PhD
    • International and Peace Leadership—PhD
  • Language, Literacy, and Culture—PhD
  • Mathematics Education—PhD
  • Science Education—PhD
  • Special Education—PhD

School Psychology

  • School Psychology—EdS, PhD