Education: Educational Administration, EdS

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 36 (Beyond the Master's Degree)

General EDLE Doctoral Core
EDLE 6483School Leadership, Culture and Ethics3
EDLE 6493School Improvement/Reform3
EDLE 6633School Leadership and Community Collaboration3
Hours Subtotal9
Emphasis Core
EDLE 6453Special Topics in Education Law3
EDLE 6353The Superintendency3
EDLE 6363Special Topics in School Finance Policy3
EDLE 6423The Politics of Education3
or EDLE 6393 The Human Factor in Administering Schools
EDLE 6603Organizational Theory in Education3
or EDLE 5953 Developing Educational Organizations
Hours Subtotal15
Research and Inquiry
EDLE 6853Research Traditions in Educational Leadership3
SCFD 6123Qualitative Research I3
or REMS 6373 Program Evaluation
Hours Subtotal6
EDLE 6883Internship in Education I3
EDLE 6893Internship in Education II3
Hours Subtotal6
Required Component: Portfolio 1
The Portfolio, designed and completed by Candidates to exhibit competency in the ELCC Standards, serves as the Required Component for the Ed.S. degree in School Administration; satisfactory completion of the Portfolio is required for degree completion and recommendation for certification.
Total Hours36

Designates prerequisites.

Graduate College Specialist in Education (EdS) Requirements

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