Curriculum Studies: Curriculum and Leadership, PhD

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 63

Required Common Core
CIED 6033Analysis of Teaching3
CIED 6053Advanced Curriculum Studies3
CIED 6063Curriculum History3
CIED 6153Curriculum of Nonviolence3
Hours Subtotal12
Research and Inquiry
Research Inquiry Core
CIED 6163Advanced Research Strategies in Curriculum3
Extended Inquiry
Students select appropriate courses in consultation with their advisor and dissertation committee.
Select 9 hours - examples of courses are the following:9
Advanced Pedagogical Research
Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research
Research Traditions in Educational Leadership
Research Traditions in Higher Education and Student Affairs
Historical Methods
Educational Measurements
Analyses of Variance
Multiple Regression Analysis in Behavioral Studies
Applied Multivariate Research in Behavioral Studies
Theoretical Foundations of Inquiry
Qualitative Research I
Qualitative Research: Selected Methods
Qualitative Research II
Qualitative Research Methods
Sample Survey Designs
Hours Subtotal12
Select 15 credit hours.15
Students select appropriate courses in consultation with their advisor and dissertation committee. Examples of courses are the following:
Contemporary Issues in Curriculum Studies
Curriculum Leadership
Advanced Pedagogical Research
Theory to Practice in Education
School Reform
Advanced Media Literacy Across the Curriculum
Language, Literacy and Culture
Diversity and Equity Issues in Education
Curriculum in the Secondary School
Curriculum of the Elementary School
Select 9 credit hours.9
Students select appropriate related courses according to their interests in consultation with their advisor and dissertation committee. These are to be graduate courses available at Oklahoma State University.
Hours Subtotal24
Dissertation Research
CIED 6000Doctoral Dissertation15
Hours Subtotal15
Total Hours63

Graduate College Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Requirements

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