Education: Social Foundations of Education, PhD

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about Graduate College Academic Regulation 7.0.

Total Hours: 69

Common Program Core
(Typically taken within the first 3 semesters)
SCFD 6983Diversity and Equity Issues in Education3
SCFD 6113Theoretical Foundations of Inquiry3
CIED 6503Doctoral Seminar3
Hours Subtotal9
Research Courses
12 credit hours, at least one qualitative and one quantitative course at 6000-level. (Note: all 6000-level REMS quantitative courses require prerequisites of REMS 5013 and REMS 5953, which will not count toward the 69 total hours). Only one 5000-level course (excluding REMS 5013 and REMS 5953) may count toward the required coursework in this category.
Pending committee approval, appropriate courses include the following:12
Advanced Pedagogical Research
Advanced Research Strategies in Curriculum
Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research
Practicum (May only be taken the last term of coursework)
Historical Methods
Program Evaluation
Program Evaluation II
Quantitative Approaches
Analyses of Variance 1
Multiple Regression Analysis in Behavioral Studies 2
Applied Multivariate Research in Behavioral Studies 3
Nonparametric Methods
Sample Survey Designs
Qualitative Methodologies
Geographic Renderings in Qualitative Methods
Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry
Qualitative Research I
Visual Methodologies
Narrative Research Methodologies
Qualitative Research: Selected Methods
Qualitative Research II
Seminar in Symbolic Interactionism
Hours Subtotal12
Social Foundations Core
24 credit hours, at least one 6000-level course (except for SCFD 5713, SCFD 5883) from each of the four areas of Social Foundations: Philosophy of Education, History of Education, Anthropology of Education, and Sociology of Education.24
The Comparative Approach: Theory, Method, and Practice
History of Education
Educational Philosophy 4
Educational Sociology 4
Anthropology of Education 4
Culture, Society and Education
Popular Culture and Education
Problems and Issues in Social Foundations
Comparative Education
Ethics and Moral Education
Directed Reading
Transforming Pedagogies
Topics in Philosophy Education
Seminar in Social Foundations
Hours Subtotal24
Cognate Area
Students take 9 credit hours in a concentration or cognate area based on their research interest and in consultation with their advisor and dissertation committee. These areas are available at Oklahoma State University, especially in the College of Education, Health and Aviation and the College of Arts and Sciences. They can be, but are not limited to, the following areas:9
History; Philosophy; Sociology; International Studies; Comparative Education; Gender and Women's Studies; Higher Education; Educational Administration; Educational Technology; Pedagogy; STEM Education; College Teaching; Qualitative Inquiry; Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics; Special Education; Curriculum Studies; Media and Culture
Hours Subtotal9
Independent Research
CIED 6000Doctoral Dissertation15
Hours Subtotal15
Total Hours69

Requires REMS 5013 and REMS 5953 as prerequisites.


Requires REMS 6003 as prerequisite.


Requires REMS 6013 as prerequisite.


Must take if no equivalent course has been taken in Master's program.

Education: Social Foundations of Education Requirements

  • All students admitted into the Ph.D. degree option in Social Foundations are expected to meet all university requirements and the requirements for admission to the Ph.D. in Education. Students with little or no background in social foundations may be required to take additional leveling coursework. The Social Foundations admission committee determines such prerequisite considerations. Specific graduate courses that may be required as a leveling course include SCFD 5223, SCFD 5873, SCFD 5923, SCFD 5990, SCFD 5998.
  • Students will be expected to use technology resources appropriately in course projects, assignments, and research. Ph.D. in Education (69 credit hours minimum, with typically no more than two 5000-level courses (in addition to SCFD 5713, SCFD 5883, if these courses are taken as part of Ph.D. coursework). Leveling courses are not included in the 69 hours.)

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