Asian Studies (ASTD), Minor

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2017-2018. Learn more about University Academic Regulation 3.1.

Anthony Valentine, 213 LSE, 405-744-5658

Minimum Grade Point Average in Minor Coursework: 2.00
Total Hours: 21 hours

Minor Requirements
Select minimum of one 2000-level JAPN or CHIN course (or equivalent proficiency)3
Select 18 hours from at least three disciplinary areas:18
Cultural Anthropology (IS) 1
Special Topics in Anthropology 1
Survey of Asian Art (H)
History of Chinese Art (H)
History of Japanese Art
Art East and West: Biases and Borrowings
Special Studies in Art 1
International Economic Relations (S) 1
International Economic Development (IS) 1
Specialized Study in a Modern Foreign Language 1
Political Geography (IS) 1
Asia (IS)
The Middle East (IS)
Survey of Eastern Civilization (H)
Introduction to Central Asian Studies (IS)
East Asia to 1800 (H)
East Asia Since 1800 (HI)
Modern Japan (HI)
Modern China (HI)
Studies in History 1
Topics in History 1
International Marketing 1
Asian Philosophy (HI)
Introduction to Central Asian Studies (IS)
Politics Of East Asia
War And World Politics (I) 1
Religion, Culture and Society 1
World Population Problems 1

All courses marked with a 1 are variable-topic courses and may count toward the minor when topic appropriate. Prior approval from faculty coordinator is required.