European Studies (EUST), Minor

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2023-2024. Learn more about University Academic Regulation 3.1.

Anthony Valentine, 213 LSE, 405-744-5658

Total Hours: 21

Minor Requirements
Minimum of one 2000-level language course from FREN, GRMN, RUSS or SPAN3
Select 18 hours from at least three disciplinary areas, with no more than 3 lower-division hours:18
History and Theory of Renaissance and Baroque Architecture (H)
History and Theory of Early Modern Architecture
Art History Survey I (H)
Art History Survey II (H)
History of Classical Art (H)
History of Italian Renaissance Art (H)
History of Baroque Art (H)
History of 19th Century Art (H)
History of Northern Renaissance Art
History of 20th Century Art (HI)
Early Medieval Art: Saints, Martyrs, Pagans (H)
Court and Cloister: Medieval Art 1050-1400 (H)
The Arts of Spain and the Spanish World (H)
Rome: The Eternal City in Art and Film (H)
Art of Conversion: 16th Century Art in Mexico (H)
Art Since 1960
Rembrandt Van Rijn
Mythology (H)
Literatures of the Ancient World (H)
History of International Film (HI)
Studies in Medieval British Literature
Studies in 16th Century British Literature
Studies in 17th Century British Literature
Studies in 18th Century British Literature
Studies in 19th Century British Literature
Studies in Early American Literature
Studies in Romanticism
Contemporary International Cinema
Introduction to Analysis of French Literature
Survey of French Literature I
Survey of French Literature II
Background of Modern French Civilization
Europe (IS)
Survey of German Literature I
Survey of German Literature II
Backgrounds of Modern German Civilization
Modern Germany
Contemporary German Literature and Culture
Ancient Greece (H)
Germany Since 1815 (HI)
Russia to 1861 (H)
Russia Since 1861 (HI)
The Medieval World, 500-1500 (H)
Renaissance, 1350-1517 (H)
Absolutism and Enlightenment, 1648-1789
Modern Europe, 1815-1914 (H)
Modern Europe Since 1914 (HI)
Modern France, 1789-Present (HI)
World War I in Modern European Culture (HI)
Mediterranean World
Invasion and Identity: The Medieval English World: 700-1400 (H)
Tudor-Stuart England (H)
Modern England: 1714-Present (H)
Reformation Europe, 1517-1648 (H)
Scandinavia Since 1500 (HI)
History of Medicine (H)
Earthly Powers: Politics and Religion in Modern Europe
Modern Empires and Revolutions (H)
Sorcerers, Saints and Heretics: Religion in the Medieval World (H)
Sex and Gender in the Medieval World (H)
Introduction to Music (H)
History of Music to 1600 (H)
History of Music from 1600-1800
History of Music from 1800-Present
Ancient Greek Philosophy (H)
17th and 18th Century Philosophy (H)
19th and 20th Century Philosophy (H)
Medieval Philosophy (H)
Science and Human Values (H)
Existentialism (H)
Philosophy and the Arts (H)
Introduction to Comparative Politics (IS)
European Politics (I)
Introduction to Political Thought
Russian Conversation
Russian Composition
Theoretical Thinking in Sociology
Racial and Ethnic Relations (DS)
Social Stratification (S)
Sociology of Gender (S)
Hispanic Poetry
Hispanic Prose
Don Quijote
Hispanic Drama
Contemporary Hispanic Literature
Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature I
Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature II
Culture and Civilization of Spain
World Theatre History Before 1800 (H)
World Theatre History After 1800 (H)
Total Hours21

All courses marked with a 1 are variable-topic courses and may count toward the minor when topic appropriate. Prior approval from faculty coordinator is required.

Other Requirements

  • No grade below "C."
  • 2.5 GPA in minor.

Additional OSU Requirements

Undergraduate Minors

  • An undergraduate minor must include between fifteen and thirty hours, inclusive of undergraduate coursework.
  • A minimum of six credit hours for the minor must be earned in residence at OSU.
  • The courses required for a minor may be included in the course requirements for any undergraduate degree or they may be in addition to degree requirements, depending on the overlap between the minor and degree requirements. However, an undergraduate minor must be earned in an academic field other than the student's declared degree option. The minor may not duplicate the degree major or option (for example, a student who earns a BA in Art with an Art History option may earn a minor in Studio Art but not Art History).
  • A student generally follows the minor requirements associated with his or her matriculation year or newer requirements that have been established since matriculation. The time limit for following requirements from a given academic year is six years.

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