Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

College Administration

Chris Ross, DVM, PhD—Interim Dean
Margi Gilmour, DVM—Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Jerry Malayer, PhD—Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education

Campus Address and Phone

Address: 205 McElroy Hall, Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405.744.6651
Fax: 405.744.6633

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program

A primary objective of the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences is to educate veterinarians for private practice. In addition, the professional curriculum provides an excellent basic biomedical education and training in diagnosis, disease prevention, medical treatment and surgery. Graduates are qualified to pursue careers in many facets of veterinary medicine and health-related professions.


The College has full academic accreditation status approved by the Council on Education of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Accreditation is based on an assessment of 11 essential factors, namely, the college's organization, its finances, facilities and equipment, clinical resources, library and learning resources, enrollment, admissions, faculty, curriculum, continuing and post-graduate education, and research.

Preparatory Requirements

In preparation for the professional DVM training the student must complete both prescribed and elective collegiate courses. The minimum prescribed preparatory studies, totaling 64 semester hours of undergraduate course work, can be completed in three calendar years. Most of the entering veterinary medical students in recent years have had three to four years of preparatory training, often earning a bachelor's degree.

Admission Requirements

Collegiate course requirements for entry into veterinary medical college may be completed at any accredited university or college that offers the required courses. Pre-veterinary curricula are available at Oklahoma State University through the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and through the College of Arts and Sciences. Both offer programs of study in pre-veterinary medical sciences, which provide for the award of a bachelor's degree after successful completion of the first or second year of veterinary medical studies.

Requests for information on pre-veterinary medical study programs and applications for admission to such programs should be addressed to the dean of either the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources or the College of Arts and Sciences.

Listed below are the minimum course prerequisites for consideration for admission to the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences:

English —nine semester hours including six hours of composition and three hours of an English elective. Course work in speech or technical writing is encouraged.

Chemistry—general inorganic chemistry including labs (9 hours); an organic chemistry series (8 semester hours) designed for pre-veterinary and pre-medical students that includes both the aliphatic and aromatic compounds or survey course with lab (5-8 hours); and 3 semester hours of biochemistry.

Physics—Eight hours of general physics.

Mathematics—three semester hours. Minimum level of college algebra or higher math. Course work in statistics is not acceptable.

Biological science—16 semester hours. Courses in zoology, general biology, microbiology and genetics are required. All courses, except genetics, must include laboratory work.

Animal Nutrition—three semester hours of the basic principles of animal nutrition, including rumen digestion, absorption and metabolism of the various food nutrients and ration formulation. Courses in human nutrition are not acceptable.

Humanities and social science—six semester hours.

Business electives—although not required, courses in business are encouraged.

The information on admission requirements was current at the time of publication but is subject to change. The admission requirements are under annual review and changes may be made at any time.


The College has scholarships which may be available to matriculating veterinary medicine students; most are based on academic achievement.

Application Process

Admission is competitive and enrollment in veterinary medicine is restricted. Applications for admission must be submitted by September 15th, and a new class enters the College each year at the beginning of the subsequent fall semester.

Applicants who are legal residents of Oklahoma will be given first priority. In addition, a limited number of nonresidents will be selected. Questions about residency should be directed to the Office of the Registrar, Oklahoma State University. Requests for application materials should be directed to the Student Services Office, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences.

Students are admitted as candidates for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree on the basis of records of academic performance in preparatory studies, GRE test, and references to determine personal characteristics and career motivation. Details concerning admissions procedures are available via the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences website

The veterinary curriculum extends over four calendar years. The first two academic years conform to the normal semester system of the University. The last two academic years are continuous, with the fourth starting shortly after completion of the third. The fourth year is clinical in nature and classes are primarily in the Boren Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. The fourth year is organized into three-week rotations to provide for lower faculty-student ratio and more efficient use of clinical facilities and resources.

Veterinary Medical Research Scholars

Thanks to opportunities in research for veterinary students at OSU, those receiving degrees can qualify for ‘veterinary medical research scholar designation’ on the transcript, a valuable designation to achieve. To be considered, the student must:

  1. For a minimum of two semesters or in full-time summer employment, be engaged in and contribute substantively to research or creative inquiry with a faculty mentor and/or faculty-led team. The supervising mentor may be employed at Oklahoma State University or at another university.
  2. Present his or her research or creativity project at a state, regional or national conference or juried artistic venues such as art exhibitions, concerts, or festivals;
  3. Publish his or her work or a manuscript related to the creativity product in a refereed research or professional journal (or have it accepted for publication).

Applicants should apply through the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences and Recognition at least six weeks before the end of their studies at OSU. A committee appointed by the Faculty Council will examine the materials and determine whether or not the candidate will be approved and recognized.

For further information contact the office at 405.744.6595 or email

Veterinary Pathobiology

*Jerry Ritchey, DVM, PhD, DACVP—Professor and Department Head
Regents Professors and Endowed Chairs: *Anthony W. Confer, DVM, PhD, DACVP and Walter R. Sitlington Endowed Chair; Clinton J. Jones, and Sitlington Endowed Chair; *Susan Little, DVM, PhD, DAVPC-Parasitology and Krull/Ewing Endowed Chair
Professors: William Barrow, PhD (emeritus); Kenneth Clinkenbeard, DVM, PhD; *Jean M. d'Offay, DTVM, PhD, DACVM; Richard W. Eberle, PhD; Sidney A. Ewing, DVM, PhD (emeritus); J. Carl Fox, PhD (emeritus); *Robert W. Fulton, DVM, PhD, DACVM (emeritus); *Bill Johnson, DVM, DACVP (emeritus); Katherine M. Kocan, MSPH, PhD (emerita); *James H. Meinkoth, DVM, PhD, DACVP; *Rebecca Morton, DVM, PhD, DACVM (emerita); *Roger Panciera, DVM, PhD, DACVP (emeritus)
Associate Professors: *Melanie Breshears, DVM, PhD, DACVP; Tom Oomens, PhD; Mason Reichard, PhD; *Timothy Snider, DVM, PhD, DACVP; *Jared Taylor, DVM, MPH, PhD, DACVIM, DACVPM
Assistant Professors: *Tamara Gull, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVPM; *Akhilesh Ramachandran, BVSc&AH, PhD, DACVM
Clinical Associate Professors: Keith Bailey, DVM, PhD, DACVP; Todd Jackson, DVM, DACLAM; *Theresa Rizzi, DVM, DACVP
Clinical Assistant Professors: *Susan E. Fielder, DVM, DACVP; Yoko Nagamori, DVM; Grant B. Rezabek, DVM, MPH
Associate Research Professor: Edmour Blouin, PhD (emeritus)
Assistant Research Professor: Sahlu Ayalew, PhD
Lecturer: Kelly Allen, MS, PhD
Residents: Jonathan Bagwell, DVM; Rory Chen, DVM; Alix Dieterly, DVM; Sunao Fujita, DVM; Heather Herd, DVM; Brian Herrin, DVM, PhD; Maggie McCourt, DVM; Sara Rostad, DVM; Nicholas Sorensen, DVM
Post-Doctoral Fellows: Anne Barrett, PhD; Chetan Meshram, MS, PhD; Manjunath Siddappa, PhD; Jennifer Thomas, DVM
Graduate Teaching Associates: Nabin Poudel, BVSc; Laximan Sawant, BVSc, MVSc

Veterinary Clinical Sciences

*Daniel J. Burba, DVM, DACVS, McCasland Professor of Biomedical Laser Surgery and Interim Department Head
Regents Professor and Endowed Chairs: Kenneth Bartels, DVM, MS, and Cohn Family Chair for Animal Care (emeritus); *Melanie Boileau, DVM, MS, DACVIM, and Clinical Professorship in the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences; *Daniel J. Burba, DVM, DACVS, and McCasland Endowed Chair; Andrew Hanzlicek, DVM, MS, DACVIM, and Kirkpatrick Chair in Small Animal Medicine; *Todd Holbrook, DVM, DACVIM, DACVSMR, and Jack & June Jacobs Chair in Veterinary Medicine; G. Reed Holyoak, DVM, PhD, DACT - Bullock Professor; *Michael D. Lorenz, DVM, DACVIM, and Regents Service Professor (emeritus); *Lara Sypniewski, DVM, DABVP, and Henthorne Clinical Professorship
Professors: *Joseph Alexander, DVM, DACVS (President, CIED) (emeritus); *Kenneth Bartels, DVM, MS (emeritus); *Lionel J. Dawson, BVSc, MS, DACT; *Margi A. Gilmour, DVM, MS, DACVO; *Todd Holbrook, DVM, DACVIM, DACVSMR; G. Reed Holyoak, DVM, PhD, DACT – Bullock Professor; *John P. Hoover, DVM, MS, DACVIM, DABVP (emeritus); Kip Lemke, DVM, MSc; *Charles G. MacAllister, DVM, DACVIM (emeritus); *Mark Neer, DVM, DACVIM (emeritus); *Richard Shawley, DVM, MS, DACVA (emeritus)
Associate Professors: *Robert J. Bahr, DVM, DACVR (emeritus); *Melanie Boileau, DVM, MS, DACVIM; *Mary H. Bowles, DVM, DACVIM (emeritus); Lyndi Gilliam, DVM, DACVIM; Andrew Hanzlicek, DVM, MS, DACVIM, and Kirkpatrick Chair in Small Animal Medicine; *Henry W. Jann, DVM, MS, DACVS, DACVSMR (emeritus); *John Kirkpatrick, DVM, DABVP (emeritus); Carolynn T. MacAllister, DVM (emeritus); *Gregor L. Morgan, MVSc, PhD, DACT (emeritus)
Assistant Professors: *Ryan Baumwart, DVM, DACVIM; *Cara Blake, DVM, DACVS; *Danielle Dugat, DVM, DACVS; *Candace Lyman, DVM, DACT; *Shane Lyon, DVM, DACVIM; *Laura Nafe, DVM, MS, DACVIM; *Michael J. Schoonover, DVM, MS, DACVS, DACVSMR; *Emily Sharpe, DVM; *Megan Williams, DVM, DACVS
Clinical Professor: *Marjorie Gross, DVM, MS, DACVA
Clinical Associate Professor: John Gilliam, DVM, DAVBP, DACVIM
Adjunct Associate Professors: Wei R. Chen, PhD; Alex Cohen, M.D. PhD; *William Dubois, DVM, DABVP; *Cheryl Lopate, DVM, MS, DACT; *Mark Munson, MD
Clinical Assistant Professors: Joao Manuel Lemos Brandao, LMV, MS; Kimberly D. Carter, DVM; *Paul DeMars, DVM, CABVP; Mackenzie Hallman, DVM, DACVR; *Carrie Kuzma, DVM; Katrina Meinkoth, DVM; Sarah Peakheart, DVM; *Robert Streeter, DVM, MS, DACVIM; *Lara A. Sypniewski, DVM, DABVP; *Corey Wall, DVM, MS, DACVR
Adjunct Assistant Professors: *Kay Backues, DVM, DACZM; *Jennifer D'Agostino, DVM, DACZM
Residents: Julia Baldrighi, DVM, Theriogenology (2016-2019); Jennifer Halleran, DVM, Food Animal Medicine (2015-2018); Clay Hallman, DVM (2017-2020); Amy Lovett, DVM, Equine Internal Medicine; Adam Moore, DVM, Small Animal Internal Medicine, Radiology; Jillian Paegelow, DVM, Equine Internal Medicine (2016-2019); Amanda Plunket, DVM, Equine Surgery (2015-2018); Rebecca Tims, DVM Small Animal Internal Medicine (2015-2018); Leslie Wagner DVM, Food Animal Medicine (2016-2019); Alison Wilson, DVM Small Animal Internal (2016-2019); Megan Yanos, DVM, Theriogenology (2017-2020); Jenna Young, DVM, Equine Surgery (2016-2019)
Interns: Kailey Anderson, DVM, AEZ; Haileigh Avellar, DVM, Equine Medicine and Surgery; Andrea Farkas, DVM, Jr. Surgery and Shelter Medicine; Brandi Heckel, DVM, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery; Donald Holter, DVM, Small Animal Surgery Specialty; Yun-Fan Kao, DVM, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery; Ian Konsker, DVM, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery; Molly Landeen, DVM, Small Animal Surgery Specialty; Jane Park, DVM, Small Animal Surgery Specialty; Sarah Schock, DVM, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery; Vanessa Snyder, DVM, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery; Sally Venable, DVM, Food Animal & Medicine

Veterinary Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

Pamela Lloyd, PhD—Associate Professor and Coordinator of Graduate Studies

Physiological Sciences

Martin Furr, PhD—Professor and Department Head
Regents Professors: Lin Liu, BS, PhD (Lundberg-Kienlen Professor of Biomedical Research); Carey N. Pope, PhD (Sitlington Chair in Toxicology)
Professors: James E. Breazile, DVM, PhD (emeritus); Nicholas L. Cross, PhD (emeritus); *Michael S. Davis, DVM, MS, PhD (Oxley Chair in Equine Sports Medicine); Jerry R. Malayer, PhD; *Dianne McFarlane, MS, DVM, PhD (Ricks Rapp Professorship); Charlotte L. Ownby, MS, PhD (emeritus); Chris Ross, DVM, PhD; Alastair G. Watson, BVSc, PhD (emeritus)
Adjunct Professors: David W.A. Bourne, BPharm, MS, PhD; Stephen Brimijoin, BA, PhD; Larry P. Gonzalez, BS, MA, PhD; David Marlin, BSc, PhD; Terence H. Risby, PhD
Associate Professors: Jill Akkerman, DVM, PhD; Guangping Chen, MS, PhD; Myron Hinsdale, DVM, PhD; Veronique Lacombe, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM, Diplomate ECEIM; James W. Lish, MS, PhD (emeritus); Pamela G. Lloyd, BA, PhD; *Lara K. Maxwell, DVM, PhD; Joseph P. McCann, PhD; *Sandra E. Morgan, MS, DVM (emerita); Larry E. Stein, PhD (emeritus)
Adjunct Associate Professors: Joseph R. Bidwell, BSc, MSc, PhD; David R. Wallace, BS, PhD; Guolong Zhang, BS, MS, PhD
Assistant Professors: Shitao Li, PhD; Ashish Ranjan, B.VSc., PhD (Kerr Endowed Chair); Madhan Subramanian, BVSc, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor: Terry A. Gipson, BS, MS, PhD
Assistant Research Professors: Chaoqun Huang, MD, PhD; Narasa Raju Teluguakula, BSc, MSc, PhD
Research Associate Professor: Jing Liu Pope, MD, PhD
Research Associate: M. Cristina Munteanu, MS, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellows: Zahra Maria, PhD; Pulavendran Sivasami, MS, PhD; Erin Williams, PhD; Xiaoyun Yang, PhD; Mengmeng Zhao, PhD
Graduate Teaching Associates: Mallika Achanta, MS; Kalyani Ektate, BVSc; Bhagya Kulasooriya, BVSc; Girish Patil, MVSc; Jennifer Rudd, DVM; Sai Aravindh Sankara-Narayanan, MS; Sri Nandhini Sethuraman, BVSc, MVSc; Mohit Singh, MVSc; Megolhubino Terhuja, U; Joshua VanOsdol, BS; Bo Zhai, MS
Graduate Research Associates: Gayan Bamunuarachchi, BS; Allison Campolo, BS; Austin Ciesielski, MS; Willie Collins, BA; Mike Gorbet, BS; Stacey Herriage, BA; Robert Jeyasingh, BVSc; Pramilia Lamichhane, MS; Kirstin Poindexter, BS; Samuel Pushparaj; Roshini Sathiaseelan, MVSc; Ramasamy Selvarani, MVSc; Oluwayemisi Semola, U; Lakmini Senavirathna, BS
Research Specialist: Yurong Liang, BS, PhD; Kelly Sundstrom, BS
Staff:  Dallas Karcher, BS; Christopher H. Pivinski, BS; Lana Schler, BS

Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Professor: *Bill J. Johnson, DVM (emeritus)
Assistant Professor: *Akhilesh Ramachandran, BVSc&AH, PhD, DACVM
Clinical Associate Professor: Keith L. Bailey, DVM, PhD, DACVP
Clinical Assistant Professor: Grant Rezabek, DVM, MS

*Board Certification in Specialty Area