Secondary Education: English, BS

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2017-2018. Learn more about University Academic Regulation 3.1.

Minimum Overall Grade Point Average: 2.50
Total Hours: 124

General Education Requirements
English Composition
See Academic Regulation 3.5
Minimum grade of "C" or "P" in each course
ENGL 1113Composition I 13
or ENGL 1313 Critical Analysis and Writing I
Select one of the following:3
Composition II 1
Critical Analysis and Writing II 1
Technical Writing 1
American History & Government
Select one of the following:3
Survey of American History
American History to 1865
American History Since 1865
POLS 1113American Government3
Analytical & Quantitative Thought (A)
MATH or STAT course designated (A)3
Humanities (H)
Minimum grade of "C" or "P" in each course
ENGL 2453Introduction to Film and Television (H) 13
ENGL 2963Survey of Nonwestern Traditions (HI) 13
Natural Sciences (N)
Courses designated (N) with one (L)8
Social & Behavioral Sciences (S)
Courses designated (S)3
Suggested (in consultation with advisor for this area):
Social Stratification (S)
Racial and Ethnic Relations (DS)
Additional General Education
Minimum grade of "C" or "P" in each course
SPCH 2713Introduction to Speech Communication (S) 13
Courses designated (A), (H), (N), or (S)5
Logic and Critical Thinking (A)
Symbolic Logic (A)
Hours Subtotal40
Diversity (D) & International Dimension (I)
May be completed in any part of the degree plan
Select at least one Diversity (D) course
Select at least one International Dimension (I) course
College/Departmental Requirements
Minimum grade of "C" or "P" in each course
EDUC 1111First Year Seminar1
Select 5 hours of electives5
3 hrs may need to be foreign language
6 hrs upper division English recommended
Professional Education Seminar (Teaching Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Learners)
Hours Subtotal6
Major Requirements
Minimum GPA 2.75 with a minimum grade of “C” or “P” in each course
ENGL 2543Survey of British Literature I3
ENGL 2653Survey of British Literature II3
ENGL 2773Survey of American Literature I (D)3
ENGL 2883Survey of American Literature II (DH)3
Select one of the following:3
Native American Literature (DH)
Readings in Postcolonial and Multiethnic Literature
African-American Literature (DH)
Readings in the American Experience (DH)
Literature of Diversity
ENGL 3203Advanced Composition3
ENGL 3243Literary Theory and Criticism3
or ENGL 3263 Screen Theory
ENGL 4013English Grammar3
Select one of the following:3
Moving Image Aesthetics (H)
Culture and the Moving Image
Contemporary International Cinema
ENGL 4723Studies in Shakespeare (H) (in consultation with advisor)3
or ENGL 3933 Shakespeare (H)
ENGL 4310Studies in Modernism3
or ENGL 4320 Contemporary Literature
Select one of the following:3
Philosophy and the Arts (H)
or any 4000 level ENGL course
Select an ENGL 4000 level course in Literature before 18003
Recommended Courses:
World Literature I (H)
Reading Poetry
Studies in Medieval British Literature
Studies in Chaucer or Milton
Single Author or Work Pre-1800
Style and Editing
Hours Subtotal39
Professional Core Requirements
Minimum GPA 2.50 with a minimum grade of “C’ or “P” in each course
CIED 3313Field Experience in the Secondary Schools3
CIED 4093Teaching Grammar in the Secondary Schools3
CIED 4193Teaching Writing in the Secondary Schools3
CIED 4313Young Adult Literature3
CIED 4473Reading for the Secondary Teacher3
CIED 4713Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School (Fall Semester prior to Student Teaching) 23
EDTC 3123Applications of Educational Technologies3
EPSY 3213Psychology of Adolescence3
SCFD 3223Role of Teacher in American Schools (D)3
SPED 3202Educating Exceptional Learners (D)2
CIED 4724Classroom Management in the Multicultural PK-12/ Secondary School (semester prior to Student Teaching) 24
CIED 4720Internship in the Secondary Classroom (Student Teaching) 26
Hours Subtotal39
Total Hours124

Minimum GPA 2.75 required in combination with Major Requirements. Certification requirements that meet GE requirements.


Full admission to Professional Education required.

Other Requirements

  • 40 hours of upper-division course work.
  • Required for graduation and recommendation for Standard Certification:
    1. 2.50 Overall GPA;
    2. 2.75 GPA in Major Requirements and specified general education courses; and
    3. 2.50 GPA in Professional Core Requirements.
  • The student must earn minimum grades of “C” or “P” in each course in the Major Requirements and Professional Core Requirements and must earn grades of “P” in all sections of observation courses and student teaching for recommendation for Certification.
  • Students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the novice high level from among those languages identified by the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability.
  • 10 hours in one foreign language is recommended for teaching emphasis area and for double major.

Additional State/OSU Requirements

  • At least: 60 hours at a four-year institution; 30 hours completed at OSU; 15 of the final 30 or 50% of the upper-division hours in the major field completed at OSU.
  • Limit of: one-half of major course requirements as transfer work; one-fourth of hours earned by correspondence; 8 transfer correspondence hours.
  • Students will be held responsible for degree requirements in effect at the time of matriculation and any changes that are made, so long as these changes do not result in semester credit hours being added or do not delay graduation.
  • Degrees that follow this plan must be completed by the end of Summer 2023.