Career and Technical Education: Certification, BS

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2018-2019. Learn more about University Academic Regulation 3.1.

Minimum Overall Grade Point Average: 2.50
Total Hours: 124

General Education Requirements
English Composition
See Academic Regulation 3.5
ENGL 1113Composition I3
or ENGL 1313 Critical Analysis and Writing I
Select one of the following:3
Composition II
Critical Analysis and Writing II
Technical Writing
American History & Government
Select one of the following:3
Survey of American History
American History to 1865
American History Since 1865
POLS 1113American Government3
Analytical & Quantitative Thought (A)
MATH or STAT course designated (A)3
Humanities (H)
Courses designated (H)6
Natural Sciences (N)
Must include one Laboratory Science (L) course
Course designated (N) and one (L)8
Social & Behavioral Sciences (S)
PSYC 1113Introductory Psychology (S)3
or SOC 1113 Introductory Sociology (S)
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Cultural Geography (IS)
World Regional Geography (IS)
World Regional Geography (IS)
Additional General Education
Courses designated (A), (H), (N), or (S)6
Hours Subtotal41
Diversity (D) & International Dimension (I)
May be completed in any part of the degree plan
Select at least one Diversity (D) course
Select at least one International Dimension (I) course
College/Departmental Requirements
Select one of the following options:12
Marketing Education
International Marketing
Select 9 hours of electives (3 hours may need to be foreign language)
All other options
Select 12 hours of electives (3 hours may need to be foreign language)
Hours Subtotal12
Major Requirements
Core Requirements (18 hours)
Minimum GPA 2.50 with a minimum grade of “C” or “P” in each course
CTED 4413Career and Technical Education Practicum I3
CTED 4343Occupational Analysis and Curriculum Development3
CTED 4673Current Issues in Career and Technical Education3
CTED 4683Legal Issues in Career and Technical Education3
CTED 4123Coordinating Career and Technical Student Organizations and Activities3
CTED 4213Safety, Organization and Management of Learning Facilities3
Select one option24
Hours Subtotal42
Professional Core Requirements
Minimum GPA 2.50 with a minimum grade of “C’ or “P” in each course
CTED 3203Foundations of Career and Technical Education3
CTED 4103Instructional Procedures in Career and Technical Education3
SPED 3202Educating Exceptional Learners (D)2
EPSY 3213Psychology of Adolescence3
EDTC 3123Applications of Educational Technologies3
or EDTC 4113 Applications of Media and Technology
CTED 3903Seminar in Professional Education3
SCFD 3223Role of Teacher in American Schools (D)3
Full admission required:
CTED 4470Teaching Practicum in Career and Technical Education II9
Hours Subtotal29
Total Hours124


Occupational Experience Option

CTED 3000Occupational Experience24
Successful completion of the NOCTI Exam (grade of “P”), or other approved examination

Business and Information Technology Option

ACCT 2103Financial Accounting3
ACCT 2203Managerial Accounting3
ECON 2103Introduction to Microeconomics (S)3
ECON 2203Introduction to Macroeconomics3
MGMT 3013Fundamentals of Management (S)3
MKTG 3213Marketing (S)3
Select Technology Courses6
Recommended Courses:
Computer Proficiency
Business Data Science Technologies

Health Occupation Education Option

HHP 4643School Health and Safety for Physical Educators3
HHP 4723Assessment in Physical Education3
HLTH 2213Principles in Health Education and Promotion3
HLTH 3913Alcohol and Drug Education3
HLTH 2603Total Wellness (S)3
HLTH 3613Community Health3
HLTH 3623School Health Programs3
HLTH 4973Program Design in Health Education and Promotion3

Marketing Education Option

ACCT 2103Financial Accounting3
ECON 2103Introduction to Microeconomics (S)3
FIN 2123Personal Finance3
or LSB 3213 Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business
MGMT 3013Fundamentals of Management (S)3
MKTG 3213Marketing (S)3
MKTG 3323Consumer and Market Behavior3
MKTG 3433Promotional Strategy3
MKTG 3513Sales Management3

Technology Education Option

Select 24 hours of the following:24
Introduction to Engineering
Introduction to Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Design with CAD
Personal Finance
Technical Drawing and Basic CAD
Manufacturing Processes
Intermediate Mechanical Computer-Aided Design
Career Exploration in Human Sciences
Introduction to Manufacturing and Service Systems
Business Data Science Technologies
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Technology
Engines and Power
Metals and Welding
Introduction to Wood Properties and Products

Technical & Industrial Education Option

See NOCTI information above or the transfer of approved technical work in a teaching area.

Other Requirements

  • 40 hours of upper-division course work.
  • Required for graduation and recommendation for Standard Certification:
    1. 2.50 Overall GPA;
    2. 2.50 GPA in Major Requirements; and
    3. 2.50 GPA in Professional Core Requirements.
  • The student must earn minimum grades of “C” or “P” in each course in the Major Requirements and Professional Core Requirements and must earn grades of “P” in all sections of observation courses and student teaching for recommendation for Certification.
  • Students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the novice high level from among those languages identified by the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability.

Additional State/OSU Requirements

  • At least: 60 hours at a four-year institution; 30 hours completed at OSU; 15 of the final 30 or 50% of the upper-division hours in the major field completed at OSU.
  • Limit of: one-half of major course requirements as transfer work; one-fourth of hours earned by correspondence; 8 transfer correspondence hours.
  • Students will be held responsible for degree requirements in effect at the time of matriculation and any changes that are made, so long as these changes do not result in semester credit hours being added or do not delay graduation.
  • Degrees that follow this plan must be completed by the end of Summer 2024.