School Psychology

The NASP-approved (National Association of School Psychologists) specialist program is available. The EdS is the appropriate level of training for those who are interested in applying psychology to a variety of child-related learning and adjustment problems, and for the improvement of children's mental health in school settings. Specialist-level school psychologists typically work in school systems and function in diverse roles including consultation, psychological and psycho-educational assessment, and intervention to facilitate success for all children. The EdS program at OSU is approximately 77 hours, consistent with the NASP standards for training, and meets the Oklahoma State Department of Education certification requirements. Successful completion of this program leads to eligibility for certification by the Oklahoma State Department of Education as a school psychologist and also the NASP National Certification in School Psychology (NCSP). Applications for the EdS program are due February 1 for consideration for admission the following semester.

The doctoral program in school psychology is accredited by the American Psychological Association and approved by the National Association of School Psychologists. The program follows the scientist practitioner model that emphasizes the application of the scientific knowledge and methodological rigor in the delivery of school psychological services and in conducting research. Training in the scientist/practitioner model is for the purpose of developing a Science-Based Child/Learner Success orientation in students. Doctoral level school psychologists function in diverse and important roles including consultation, assessment, intervention therapy, supervision, program evaluation, and research to facilitate success for all learners. They add to the understanding of children and their families by contributing to the scientific knowledge base related to all aspects of child development. They are employed in many different settings including elementary and secondary schools, private practice, university, hospitals and mental health centers.  School psychologists work with diverse populations and provide psychological services to children, youth, families, caregivers, school personnel, adult learners, and individuals with special needs, as well as to the systems in which these individuals need to be successful. Applications for the PhD program in school psychology are due by January 1 for the following fall enrollment.

Brian Poncy, PhD—Associate Professor, EdS Program Training Director
Gary Duhon, PhD—Professor and PhD Program Training Director