College of Education, Health and Aviation

College Administration

John Romans, PhD—Dean and Executive Director of Professional Education
Bert Jacobson, EdD—Associate Dean for Research, Outreach, Engagement and Administrative Support
Adrienne Sanogo, PhD—Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Campus Address and Phone:
Address: 106 Willard, Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-6350

The College of Education, Health and Aviation (EHA) includes the School of Community Health Sciences, Counseling and Counseling Psychology; the School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation; the School of Teaching, Learning and Educational Sciences; and the School of Kinesiology, Applied Health and Recreation. The College offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare individuals for careers in teaching, administration, practice or research in the professional fields of education and health either in PK-12 schools, in institutions of higher education, or in a wide range of health agencies. There are a variety of degrees within the College at the bachelor's, master's, specialist and doctor's levels that prepare individuals for productive lives in the global community (see the "Degree Programs" section of the Catalog).


In the College of Education, Health and Aviation, the Aviation Management and Professional Pilot options are accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI). The counseling psychology program and the school psychology program are accredited by the American Psychological Association. The school psychology program also is accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists. The counseling program with options in Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling are accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

The Recreation Management & Recreational Therapy program option in Recreational Therapy is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Professions (CAAHEP), through the Committee on Accreditation of Recreational Therapy Education (CARTE).

All professional education programs are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) (formerly NCATE), and the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA).

Statement on Diversity

The College of Education, Health and Aviation is committed to the promotion and affirmation of diversity in the broadest sense. We highly value the dignity and worth of individuals inclusive of their gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, age, physical and mental abilities, religious beliefs, socioeconomic class, and other identities. Valuing diversity also extends to diversity of thought and perspective. We promote and create a dynamic community for personal transformation and social change with an atmosphere of respect and trust in which individuals explore, discuss and express their beliefs with one another.

High School Preparation

Students are expected to satisfy the high school curriculum requirements as determined by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. It is recommended that students be involved in clubs and organizations as well as have had some experiences working with children and youth, or other experiences related to their chosen fields.

Admission Requirements

Freshman students are admitted to the College of Education, Health and Aviation consistent with criteria published for admission to the University.

Criteria for students wishing to transfer into the College of Education, Health and Aviation include a required minimum grade-point average based on the University graduation and retention grade-point average policy.

Total Hours Attempted Minimum GPA required
Fewer than 31 1.70
31 or more 2.00

Students pursuing degree options in Career and Technical Education non-certification option or Recreational Management and Recreational Therapy are required to maintain a 2.00 GPA. Students pursuing a degree in Elementary Education, Health Education and Promotion, Applied Exercise Science, or Sports and Coaching Science are required to maintain a 2.75 or higher GPA. All other degree options require a 2.50 GPA.

For continuing enrollment in good standing, the Professional Education Unit and some other programs require a minimum of 2.50/2.75 GPA for admission to Professional Education, student teaching and graduation. This requirement is consistent with state standards for students in the state of Oklahoma who complete professional education programs and seek certification.

Requests from students seeking readmission after having been placed under probation/suspension should be submitted to the Watson Family Student Success Center in the College of Education, Health and Aviation and will be reviewed by the Director of Student Academic Services prior to readmission. All student grades are reviewed at the end of each semester to determine whether appropriate academic progress is being made.

For graduation, with recommendation for Certification in Professional Education, the following minimum GPAs are required:

  1. a 2.50 overall GPA (Elementary Education requires a 2.75);
  2. a 2.50 GPA in the Major Requirements except Elementary Education and Secondary Education English which requires 2.75;
  3. a 2.50 GPA in Professional Core Requirements (2.75 for Elementary Education); and
  4. where noted, a 2.50 /2.75 GPA in the College/Departmental Requirements.

The student must earn minimum grades of "C" or "P" in each course in the Major Requirements, the Professional Core Requirements, and where noted, the College/Departmental Requirements. The student must earn grades of "C" or "P" in all sections of observation (lab and clinical experience) courses and clinical practice for recommendation for Certification.


The College of Education, Health and Aviation offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Community Health Sciences, Counseling, and Counseling Psychology; School of Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Aviation; School of Teaching, Learning, and Education Sciences; and the School of Kinesiology, Applied Health, and Recreation. An up-to-date listing for EHA Scholarships can be found at

  • Abercrombie, Betty Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Adams, Cathy Endowed Scholarship, A Son’s Final Gift
  • Adkins, Mike Memorial Scholarship
  • Albers, L. Mignon Scholarship
  • Allgood Family Scholarship in Special Education
  • Allred, Gladeen B. Endowed Scholarship
  • Baker, Claudia Endowed Scholarship
  • Bellmon, George D. and Edith Eleanor Caskey Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Benson, Ann and Gene Endowed Scholarship
  • Berlin, Grace, James and Tammy Scholarship
  • Bird, Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Blair, Donald E. and Martha Sory Blair Endowed Scholarship
  • Blair, Mary Francis Endowed Scholarship in Aviation
  • Bliss Family Aviation Management Scholarship
  • Boeing Company Aerospace Logistics Scholarship
  • Bradley, John W. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Branstetter, Olin R. and Paula G. Aviation Scholarship
  • Briggs, Lloyd & Mary Ann Endowed Scholarship
  • Brown, David W. & Karen Bale-Brown Education Scholarship
  • Brown, Ray E. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Broyles-Willard Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Buckles, William R. and Billie D. Endowed Scholarship
  • Burgess, Bob Scholarship
  • Burke, Jim and Linda Scholarship
  • Burson, Jerry and Mary Endowed Scholarship
  • Caruthers, Kent & Flora Scholarship
  • Cashel, Christine Endowed Professional Scholarship
  • Celebration of Teaching Scholarship
  • Changing Seasons Scholarship in Education
  • Chauncey, Vera Jones Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Christiansen Aviation Scholarship
  • Close, Bryan, Transfer Student Scholarship
  • College of Education, Health and Aviation Alumni Association Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship
  • College of Education, Health and Aviation Alumni Association Freshman Endowed Scholarship
  • College of Education, Health and Aviation Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
  • College of Education, Health and Aviation Alumni Association Graduate Endowed Scholarship
  • College of Education, Health and Aviation Associates Endowed Scholarship
  • College of Education, Health and Aviation Associates Graduate Scholarship in Teaching
  • College of Education, Health and Aviation Dean's Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • College of Education, Health and Aviation Freshman Recruitment Scholarship
  • College of Education, Health and Aviation General Scholarship
  • Collins, W. Opal Eastep Endowed Scholarship
  • Colvin, Valerie Endowed Scholarship
  • Connell, Betty Hatfield Scholarship
  • Cornforth, Patricia Scholarship
  • Crawford, Kristen Elementary Education Scholarship
  • Crittenden, Mickey and Linda Endowed Scholarship
  • Cumberledge, Gretchen Lynette Memorial Scholarship
  • Cunningham, Mary Marie Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Cusick Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Dickman, Marcia Endowed Fellowship
  • Dickman, Marcia Endowed Scholarship
  • Dorsey, Billy J. Endowed Scholarship for Aviation Education
  • Dotson, Rachel Endowed Scholarship
  • Dugger, Cecil & Geneva Aviation Endowed Scholarship
  • Dugger, Cecil & Geneva Higher Education Scholarship
  • Dugger, Tom J. and H. Ann Endowed Scholarship
  • Earls, Lacrisha Diane Stephens Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Ebert, Bill and Nita Scholarship
  • England, Paul and Martha Family Scholarship
  • Eriksson, Alice R. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Eskimo Joe's Future Teacher Endowed Scholarship
  • Esslinger, Charles A. Outdoor Recreation Endowed Scholarship
  • Flying Cowboys Scholarship
  • Frye, Drs. Mary & Moses Endowed Scholarship
  • Gerfen, Kevin A. Scholarship Fund
  • Gilcrease, Thomas Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Aviation
  • Hall, Roy & Wanda Endowed Scholarship
  • Halley, Elizabeth Education Endowed Scholarship
  • Harder, James Endowed Scholarship
  • Harrison, Aix B. Endowed Scholarship
  • Hartman, Captain Larry L. Endowed Scholarship in Aviation
  • Hatfield, Richard G. and Melody N. Endowed Scholarship
  • Havner, Dr. Roberta R. Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Career and Technical Education
  • Hedrick, Frank E. & Harriet E. Aviation Endowed Scholarship
  • Henderson, Ora A. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Herd, Daniel & Mary Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Hodges, Helen Aviation Scholarship
  • Holley, J. Andrew Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Holmes, Viola Lacher Endowed Scholarship
  • Horner, Jo Griffith Endowed Scholarship
  • James, Johney and Kevin Aviation Endowed Scholarship
  • Jameson Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Jarman, Ron & Sandy Powell Jarman Endowed Scholarship in Gifted Education
  • Jeskey, Arlene Starwalt Scholarship in Math
  • Jewell, Jan Endowed Scholarship
  • Jimpie Family Endowed Scholarship for Secondary Education in English
  • Johnson, John & Valerie Family Scholarship in Education
  • Jones, Helen M. Endowed Scholarship
  • Jones, SFC Nick Scholarship in Aviation Leadership
  • Jordan, Henry S. and Wanda Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Jordan, Martha Endowed Scholarship
  • Jungers, Richard & Edna Endowed Scholarship
  • Kamm, Robert & Maxine Distinguished Graduate Endowed Fellowship
  • King, Kenneth & Peggy Endowed Scholarship
  • Kinkead Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Knaub Robert & Patricia Endowed Scholarship
  • Kunce, Anton and Pearl Scholarship
  • Kunze, Lawana Scholarship
  • LaBrue, Paul 1965 Championship Basketball Team Endowed Scholarship
  • Ledbetter, Myron C. Diversity Endowed Scholarship
  • Leird Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Lentz, Gary Memorial Flight Scholarship
  • Linehan, John C. & Caroline S. Endowed Scholarship
  • Locke, Wright, Foster, & Cross Educational Endowed Scholarship
  • Long, Hal & Jean Endowed Scholarship in Elementary Education
  • Looper, Lura Schoenleber Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Lotven Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Lynn, Harry and Betty Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Marks, Steven and Janet Endowed Scholarship
  • Marsh, Anne Endowed Scholarship
  • Martin, Diane E. Scholarship
  • Martin, Joe E. Scholarship
  • McGehee, Alexis Brownlee Endowed Scholarship
  • McGehee, Janet Bourland Family Endowed Scholarship
  • McMaster, James H. Flying Aggies Endowed Scholarship
  • McMullen, Colleen & George Endowed Scholarship
  • Medley, Petrina Russo Scholarship Fund
  • Mills, Terence J. Endowed Scholarship In Environmental Education
  • Miskel, Dr. Cecil College of Education, Health and Aviation Graduate Student Scholarship
  • Morgan, Clayton A. Excellence Endowed Scholarship
  • Morsani, Frank L. & Carol D. Endowed Graduate Scholarship
  • Morsani, Frank L. & Carol D. Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Morrison, Jaydene Scholarship
  • Mosier, Richard H. Leadership in Higher Education Endowed Scholarship
  • Munson, Leon L. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Neilson, Tracey Waterfield Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Nemecek, Col. Glen Aviation Endowed Scholarship
  • Noble, Judy Endowed Scholarship
  • Oaks, Mable Marietta Macey Memorial Art Education Endowed Scholarship
  • Oaks, Percy W. Sr. Memorial Art Education Endowed Scholarship
  • Oklahoma Teacher of the Year (OKTOY) Endowed Scholarship
  • OSUFlyGirl Scholarship
  • Parrack, Doyle Endowed Scholarship
  • Patel Elementary Education Endowed Scholarship
  • Peacher, Lynn Bill Endowed Scholarship
  • Phillips, David Elroy Family Endowed Scholarship for Educational Administration
  • Phillips, David Elroy Family Endowed Scholarship for International Student Teaching
  • Phillips, David Elroy Family Endowed Scholarship for Science Education
  • Pitts, Joel G. Aviation Endowed Scholarship for Professional Pilot Training
  • Poe, Ron and Carolyn Scholarship
  • Poorman, Mary Elizabeth Choate and Ralph U. Poorman Memorial Scholarship
  • Price, Emma Ingersol Scholarship
  • Prince, James Leonard Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Ray, Darrel D. Scholarship
  • Reitmeier, Georgan Wallace Endowed Scholarship
  • Rezabek, Frankie Bohanan Endowed Scholarship
  • Rollins-Wade, Myr-Lou Endowed Scholarship
  • Rowley, George A. & A. Fern Endowed Scholarship
  • Schwarz, Donna Scholarship
  • Seidle Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Education
  • Sharpton, Wendell Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Shaw, Dr. Terry Memorial Scholarship
  • Shaw, Thelia Sewell Memorial Scholarship
  • Shriver, Madeline D. Endowed Scholarship
  • Smith, Kathlyn, Alumni, Doug and Davis Wilson Endowed Scholarship
  • Smith, Stephen and Rebecca Endowed Scholarship
  • Smith, Thomas J. Endowed Scholarship
  • Smith, Thomas J. Freshman Student Recruitment Scholarship
  • Sorenson, Helmer & Frances Endowed Scholarship in Educational Leadership
  • Spradling, Scott and Suzanne Science Education Endowed Scholarship
  • St. Clair, J. Kenneth Endowed Scholarship
  • Stone, Lana B. Diversity Endowed Scholarship
  • Stone, Toni and Bill Endowed Scholarship
  • Sumpter, Mildred H Endowed Scholarship
  • Sutton, Eddie Endowed Scholarship in Education, Health and Aviation
  • Trammel, Jane Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Tuttle, Francis Visionary Leadership Fellowship
  • Ulrich, John Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Vandegrift, James R. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Vermillion, Robert, Francille, Harry, and Jon Endowed Scholarship
  • Wagner, Amy Louise Endowed Scholarship
  • Waits, Gene Endowed Scholarship
  • Walker, Don and Jackie Endowed Scholarship
  • Waterfield, R. Bruce and Robert D. Raab Scholarship
  • Watson, Kim R. Endowed Scholarship in Education
  • Watson, Kim R. President's Distinguished Endowed Scholarship
  • Watson, Nate & Maxine Endowed Scholarship
  • Wheeler, Mary Echo Endowed Scholarship
  • White Endowed Scholarship
  • Wiggins, Lloyd L. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Wiggins, Kenneth & Margaret Aviation Endowed Scholarship
  • Williams, John K. and Beverly D. Family Trust Scholarship
  • Winter, Pauline Endowed Professional Scholarship
  • Womack, Katie Memorial Scholarship
  • Wyers, Dr. Mary Ellen Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Wyers, Ruth Oteka Endowed Scholarship
  • Xerox Corporation Endowed Scholarship
  • Yasik, Christine Kunkel Endowed Scholarship

Watson Family Student Success Center

Academic Advising

Academic advisement for undergraduate students is provided by the Watson Family Student Success Center, located in 106 Willard, in the College of Education, Health and Aviation. Students are assigned to an academic adviser in the Watson Family Student Success Center specializing in the student's declared major. Academic advisers confer with their advisees on such matters as vocational counseling, course selection, academic problems, long-range professional goals, and semester-by-semester enrollment.

The requirements for the degree being sought are made known to the student when he or she first enrolls at Oklahoma State University. While the curriculum may change before a student graduates, a student who makes normal progress toward graduation (no more than two years beyond the normal four-year bachelor's degree requirements) will be held responsible for the degree requirements at the time of matriculation and any changes that are made, so long as these changes do not result in semester credit hours being added or delay graduation.

Collegiate Success Program

The goal of the Collegiate Success Program is to assist students with their success in the classroom. This program individualizes assistance for those students who have been placed on academic probation. The Collegiate Success Program has three objectives which include:

  • Assisting students in identifying individual strengths and needs.
  • Assisting students in establishing academic goals based on those strengths and needs.
  • Providing students with the skills necessary to succeed at the collegiate level.

Career Services

The College of Education, Health and Aviation has a career consultant available. The career consultant provides seminars and one-on-one advisement in career-related topics such as job search strategies, resume development, interviewing skills and career transitions. The services are available to undergraduate and graduate students and alumni. The career consultant also partners with many employers, including school districts, hospitals, non-profit organizations, and corporations, encouraging them to hire OSU graduates from the College of Education, Health and Aviation.

For more information logon to

Special Academic Programs


The OSUTeach program is designed to recruit and train new secondary teachers in science and mathematics. OSUTeach offers four-year STEM degree options in biological science, chemistry, geology (earth science and/or physical science), mathematics and physics, which lead to teacher certification at the secondary level. OSUTeach is a collaboration between the College of Education, Health and Aviation and the College of Arts and Sciences. OSUTeach students begin supervised teaching in K-12 classrooms during their first semester in the program and continue these field experiences throughout their coursework, which culminates with apprentice teaching.

Bachelor of University Studies

The College of Education, Health and Aviation utilizes the Bachelor of University Studies degree program along with the other colleges in the University. Unique career objectives of students may be met by working with a faculty committee and academic advisers in selecting a specially-tailored program that ultimately leads to a degree.

The Honors College

Outstanding students in the College of Education, Health and Aviation who meet the requirements of the Honors College may earn The Honors College degree while completing their undergraduate degree in this college. For more information, please refer to the Honors College information in this Catalog.

Tutoring Program

The Randall and Carol White Reading and Math Center within the School of Teaching, Learning and Educational Sciences offers elementary education undergraduate and graduate students a faculty-supervised opportunity to tutor school-age children interested in improving their reading and math skills.

Professional Development Conferences

Additional outreach conferences may include the Oklahoma Association of Elementary School Principals, the Oklahoma Association of Environmental Educators; the Oklahoma Education Association Annual Leadership Academy; and the Adult Basic Education Conference.

Alumni Association

The College of Education, Health and Aviation sends an annual magazine to approximately 3,000 active members and communicate email news and announcements to alumni throughout the year. The Alumni Society Board  provides professional support and an immediate network of professional contacts. The Alumni Association provides scholarships for students in the College of Education, Health and Aviation. The organization also sponsors a Homecoming reception and other welcome events for students and faculty gatherings.

General Education Requirements

All undergraduate degrees in the College of Education, Health and Aviation require a minimum of 40 semester hours in general education that include the following:  English Composition, analytical and quantitative thought, United States history and government, natural science, social and behavioral studies, arts and humanities, diversity, international dimension and electives. All degrees are consistent with the current University General Education requirements and the Oklahoma State Board of Education standards.

Departmental Clubs and Honor Societies

  • College of Education, Health and Aviation Student Ambassadors
  • College of Education, Health and Aviation Graduate Student Association
  • College of Education, Health and Aviation Student Council
  • Educational Media and Technology Student Association
  • Educational Psychology Student Society
  • Elementary Educators of Tomorrow
  • Flying Aggies
  • Health Promotion Club
  • Kappa Delta Pi (education honor society)
  • Kappa Kappa Iota
  • Omicron Tau Theta
  • OSU National Science Teachers Association Student Chapter
  • Phi Epsilon Kappa (health, physical education, recreation management and recreational therapy honor society)
  • Physical Education Club
  • Pre-Physical Therapy Club
  • Rho Phi Lambda
  • Recreation Management Club
  • Recreational Therapy Majors Club
  • School Psychology Graduate Student Organization
  • Student Oklahoma Education Association

Education Outreach and International Studies

Education Outreach and International Studies work together to facilitate the delivery of EHA course work and academic programs. Consistent with the OSU mission and in conjunction with faculty and academic programs in the EHA, Education Outreach and International Studies provide support, services and programs to meet the professional needs of educators advancing the state of Oklahoma and the nation while promoting and facilitating engagement of the college and university with state, national and international communities.

The goals of Education Outreach and International Studies are to reflect the expertise and promote the accomplishments of the College of Education, Health and Aviation faculty and staff and to foster activities and learning that develop faculty and students for multiple futures. Specifically, these offices work to:

  • facilitate campus-based degree credit which enables students to pursue their academic goals in ways that fit their schedule and personal situations;
  • extend off-campus degree programs to individuals pursuing degrees and professional certifications through a variety of different methods;
  • provide opportunities for international experiences linking campus faculty and students to a wide range of global locations through travel trips, student teaching and cohort programs;
  • assist workforce development initiatives through non-credit educational opportunities for employed adults in educational and governmental environments;
  • coordinate professional conferences for the educational community, including school professionals and administrators, educational associations and state organizations; and
  • offer a wide array of community development and cultural enrichment opportunities.