Ancient and Medieval Studies (AAMS), Minor

Requirements for Students Matriculating in or before Academic Year 2017-2018. Learn more about University Academic Regulation 3.1.

Anthony Valentine, 213 LSE, 405-744-5658

Minimum Grade Point Average in Minor Coursework: 2.00
Total Hours: 23 hours

Minor Requirements
Select a minimum of one of the following:5
Elementary Classical Greek II
Elementary Latin II
Special Studies in Foreign Languages and Literatures (must be second semester Hebrew)
Select 18 hours from at least three disiplinary areas:18
History of Classical Art (H)
Court and Cloister: Medieval Art 1050-1400 (H)
Gender And Visual Culture
Survey of British Literature I
Mythology (H)
Ancient Egypt and Israel (H)
Ancient Greece (H)
Ancient Rome (H)
Ancient Mesopotamia: Iraq, Iran & Syria from 4000-333 B.C. (H)
Late Medieval World, 1000-1450 (H)
Invasion and Identity: The Medieval English World: 700-1400 (H)
History of Music to 1600 (H)
Ancient Greek Philosophy (H)
Hebrew Scriptures (H)
The New Testament and Its Study (H)
The Teachings of Jesus in Historical Context (H)
Paul and the Early Church (H)