Environmental Studies (EVST), Undergraduate Certificate

Total Hours: 24 hours

Select three hours from the following:3
Elements of Environmental Science
Physical Geography (LN)
Geology and Human Affairs (LN)
Introduction to Natural History (LN)
Select three hours from the following:3
Environment and Society (N)
American Environmental History (H)
Environmental Sociology (S)
Environmental Law And Policy
Natural Resources and Environmental Policy
Natural Resource Administration and Policy
Select three hours from the following:3
Conservation of Natural Resources (S)
NREM 3343
NREM 3513
Soil and Water Conservation
Select three hours from the following:3
Sustainable Design in Architecture
Natural Resource Economics
Economics of the Environment
Sustainable Design for Apparel and Interiors
Select three hours from the following:3
Architecture and Society (HI)
The Ethics of the Built Environment (H)
Urban Geography (S)
Historic Preservation
History and Theory of Landscape Architecture (H)
Areas and Facilities In Leisure Services
Select six hours from among the following free electives:6
CIED 4560
Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change
Outdoor Education
Natural Resource Recreation
NREM 4063
Natural Resources, People and Sustainable Development (I)
Environmental Inequality (S)
Oklahoma Environmental Sociology
Food and the Human Environment (IS)
Three-hour Capstone: Internship, Independent Research or International Travel.3

The courses listed above may change due to new course additions, changes in course rotations, and changes in instructors. For the latest list, consult the website at es.okstate.edu. Brad Bays, Program Advisor, 337 Murray Hall, 405-744-6250.